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Who cares? Intelligent healthcare environment that supports healthcare professionals

The expected increase in the number of elderly people with dementia in the Netherlands to half a million diagnoses in 2040. Due to this increase in the number of elderly people with dementia, the demand for care is also increasing, while the shortage of care professionals is growing. This workload can be greatly reduced by using smart technological innovations such as an Intelligent Care Environment.

An Intelligent Care Environment uses sensor techniques Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized care by identifying and responding to care needs. In this project, four innovative SME organisations (HvA, HAN, Tu/e and UU) work together with the care professional and healthcare parties. We will develop reinforcement learning techniques to deliver Just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAI).  Such interventions could decrease the pressure on the healthcare professional and improve the quality of care for the elderly with dementia.


Dr. Shihan Wang

Funded by RAAK-Publiek (Regieorgaan SIA)

Non-academic partners:
Woonzorg Flevoland
Zorgcentra De Betuwe
Beroepsvereniging V&VN
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