Science in Transition

Science in Transition

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UMC Utrecht is one of the initiators of Science in Transition and in response to the ensuing debate UMC Utrecht aligned its incentive and reward system with its mission: creating societal impact. A broader, inclusive evaluation method applies to our Research Programs. A correspondingly inclusive portfolio is used in tenure decisions for associate professors and full professors. 

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We added to the international debate about research evaluation by describing our policies in Nature and InsideHigherEd

and endorsing the Lancet REWARD Campaign to increase value and reduce waste in biomedical research. In addition, Utrecht University as member of the Dutch association of universities signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, stressing the need to assess research on its own merits rather than on the basis of the journal in which the research is published.

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In the context of a university medical center, many of these policies aim to improve and speed up  translational medicine, the continuum from a scientific idea or finding to a diagnostic tool and/or therapy. As UMC Utrecht we co-founded the Eureka Institute

, which organizes a certificate course each year. This is expanded upon by a UMC Utrecht summerschool course about translational medicine. 

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Our policies are very much in line with the international shift towards Open Science. This can be described as opening up the research agenda to societal stakeholders; open research data; open access publications; and incentives and rewards that facilitate these goals. In the UMC Utrecht societal stakeholders are involved in all research phases, from prioritizing research questions to evaluating impact. 

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