Research themes of Infection and Immunity

Research themes of Infection and Immunity

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The program aims to contribute to solutions for diseases with large societal impact, with a focus on tertiary patient care, with strong research facilities, with strong connection in the region and beyond, continuously responding to new developments and with an effective talent policy. More specific, our objectives are:

  • To provide innovative, improved and affordable treatment options for patients with complex and/or rare immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs);
  • To classify and monitor patients with IMIDs to be able to select the right therapy for each patient;
  • To prevent antimicrobial resistance becoming a problem for patients in the Netherlands;
  • To better use the immune system in the treatment of cancer, inflammatory diseases and difficult-to-treat infections (including those caused by drug-resistant bacteria);
  • To better prevent opportunistic infections in risk patients due to underlying disease and/or treatment for that disease (also called hospital-acquired infections);
  • To develop and evaluate vaccination strategies;
  • To develop new treatment strategies for complex infections.

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