Looking back at Next Generation Radio

Looking back at Next Generation Radio

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The day was entirely dedicated to collaboration between staff and researchers from the three organizations. With live music in the central hall in the WKZ, all people were welcomed. Researchers, staff, and patients came to watch and listen in the children's theatre where Giel Beelen and his seven sidekicks interviewed doctors, nurses and researchers in a marathon broadcast. They played request records, handed out prizes and the raging reporter took us to see great projects at the WKZ and the Prinses Máxima Centre. Kicking off Next Generation Radio was a fantastic performance by musician Dirk Scheele for hospitalised children. This came about in cooperation with the Musicids Foundation for children who are in the two hospitals.

Quiz about playing

At the stroke of 10.00, Giel Beelen and sidekick Irina van Aalst joined experts at the table to discuss education for chronically ill children and the importance of technology. Sidekick Brigitta Versluijs interviewed Alwin Huitema about customised medication for children. Two listeners, led by Brigitta, then sharpened their knowledge in a quiz on the importance of games and outdoor play for children. For instance, Giel heard that 17 per cent of children in the Netherlands hardly ever play outside. In between, request records by Lou Reed and Radiohead sounded.

Cameraman Luc, meanwhile, was on the road with raving reporter Gaime Smal. Gaime interviewed Jan Willem Gorter about the meaning of friends, family, and fun for sick children or children with disabilities. Fun is also exercise and that was given plenty of attention live on location at the Princess Máxima Centre in conversation paediatric physiotherapist Patrick van der Torre. As a raving reporter, Jaime also took a sprint himself. In the studio, sidekick Frederique Schutjens smoothly took over and asked her guests everything you always wanted to know about stem cell therapy. Moments later, Giel Beelen had a patient on the line; she had undergone stem cell therapy herself and took part in the quiz. She won a great prize: a weekend to Landal Greenparks!

At the 030 Lab, mad reporter Hans Breur was met by research coordinator Sabine Michel and together with Hans Schipper she explained more about the important research taking place there. Meanwhile, Giel received support from Marc Jansen and Hanneke van Santen was willing to explain to Giel once more how the hypothalamus and the limbic system influence our daily lives. And what impact it has on families when children experience problems with it. Corona is still on, but those who make radio combine guests in the studio with speakers on the phone. The same was true for Wim Tissing and Michiel van der Vlier, with Louis Bont in studio clearly explaining the impact of fungal infections in patients. And thoughtful colleagues requested a record for Wim to wish him a speedy recovery.

Live radio means smooth switching. Raging reporter Marc Wijnen has had to face tougher challenges and interviews colleague Kirsten van Baarsen on the bridge between the WKZ and the Prinses Máxima Centre, before she heads for the operating theatre. Giel spins another record after which Jeroen Dudink and Raphaele van Litsenburg join in for a dialogue on the importance of sleep for sick and healthy children. And Elise van de Putte also inspires listeners with beautiful projects where both sick and healthy children are seen. The importance of research combined well with music. The sparkling column by WKZ doctor and sidekick Marc Jansen is already a good reason to listen back to Next Generation Radio! 

Listen back

If you want to listen and experience Next Generation Radio, go to the website.

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