Child Health nieuws

Child Health nieuws

Pay attention to late effects of childhood cancer

Leontien Kremer

Leontien Kremer, professor of late effects after childhood cancer at Utrecht University delivered her oration titled 'LIFE: now and LATER' on caring for survivors of childhood cancer with late effects, health problems after treatment.

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Utrecht collaboration strengthens care and research

Children with a tumour near the hypothalamus - the hormone centre in the brain - may suffer from hormone imbalances. This can be caused by the tumour, but symptoms can also worsen after treatment through surgery or radiotherapy. If the hypothalamus is damaged, in addition to a hormone imbalance, there is also a disturbed sense of hunger and thirst, heat regulation and day-night rhythms. As a result, they may suffer from severe obesity and chronic fatigue after treatment.

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Investigating genetic kidney failure in young people

Team erfelijke nierziekten

Albertien van Eerde, clinical geneticist and associate professor translational nephrogenetics, Gisela Slaats, assistant professor experimental nephrology, and Marc Lilien, paediatric nephrologist at UMC Utrecht, played a crucial role in securing Utrecht's participation in TheRaCil consortium. This will take research into kidney failure in young people to a higher level. The researchers involved from 15 institutes from six countries are working closely together as they integrate their expertise and the various large European ciliopathy biobanks and databases.

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'Paediatric radiologist: we contribute to optimal care'

Portrait of Rutger Jan Nievelstein, professor of Paediatric Radiology at UMC Utrecht.

Well-supported guidelines for paediatric radiological imaging are needed to ensure the best care for children, Professor of Paediatric Radiology Rutger Jan Nievelstein recently stated in his inaugural address. This requires sound scientific research. After all, children have a different range of conditions than adults, such as congenital defects, hereditary and metabolic diseases, and certain types of tumours. The new chair that will strengthen this scientific research falls under the strategic theme Child Health and supports the enhancers image-guided interventions and integral complex care for children.

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Get rid of those rubber schoolyard tiles

Kinderen op klimrek

Anxious adults. Restrictive regulations. Dull playgrounds. It makes children do less and less 'risky play'. And that is a shame, say Utrecht researchers Kirsten Visser and Heidi Lesscher. Because it is precisely through adventurous play - climbing trees, roaming the neighborhood - that children develop things like social behaviour, self-confidence, and perseverance. 'But fortunately 'risky play' is being rediscovered.'

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Titia Lely appointed as professor

Titia Lely

On 15 September 2023, gynaecologist Titia Lely was appointed professor of maternal and child vascular disorders. She focuses on the optimal treatment of vascular disorders during pregnancy to improve pregnancy outcomes and the long-term vascular health of mother and child. The chair, which falls under the Child Health and Circulatory Health spearheads, strengthens scientific research within the Birth Centre of the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital.

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Innovative MRI study babies takes step forward

Reseachers at an MRI

Damage to the brain, for example due to oxygen deprivation at birth, is often detected with an MRI scanner. In babies at UMC Utrecht and worldwide, we use an MRI scanner with the strength of 3 Tesla or lower for this study. But the stronger the scanner (measured in Tesla) the more doctors can see on the images. Researcher Inge van Ooijen and physician-researcher Kim Annink investigated whether the 7 Tesla MRI at UMC Utrecht is safe for newborn babies. They followed 20 babies who received a standard 3 Tesla MRI scan and a more powerful 7 Tesla MRI scan. They saw no difference in safety with the more powerful 7 Tesla MRI. The study was recently published in Neuroimage Reports.

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Joining this trial is a golden opportunity

Bjorn en Sabine

4-year-old Bjorn seems like a healthy and happy little boy, but he has MMA. A serious metabolic disease in which he cannot break down proteins properly. This can cause damage to the kidneys, eyes and brain. Bjorn is the second Dutch patient to take part in an innovative clinical trial at the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht. Paediatrician in metabolic diseases Sabine Fuchs: "He receives ten infusions of fat globules containing the mRNA of the enzyme he needs. Thereby, the research nurses of the 030 Lab and doctors monitor him closely, in connection with possible side effects."

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Sleep is so much more than rest

Two children in a bed with stuffed animals for a sleep study

We spend much of our lives sleeping. In fact, very young children sleep more than they are awake. Sleeping well is essential for our health and development. But little is known about it.    

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UMC Utrecht investigates the link between RSV infection and chronic respiratory tract disease

UMC Utrecht will lead an international consortium that will try to answer a key question that’s in the mind of many pediatricians, infectiologists, pulmonologists and other health professionals: “Why are children that had an RSV infection in early childhood at increased risk of developing asthma later in life?”

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Working at UMC Utrecht





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