Geoffrey Rose Meeting by Pauline Kiss & Runyu Zou

Geoffrey Rose Meeting by Pauline Kiss & Runyu Zou


The Geoffrey Rose Meeting occuring every two weeks will contain two presentations. The presenter of the first presentation is Pauline Kiss. Her presentation is titled “Sex differences in cardiovascular care utilization: Preliminary findings with the PHARMO data”. In this presentation, Pauline will present her project and share some descriptive statistics about the prescription and utilization of statins in men and women registered in the PHARMO database.

The second presentation is by Runyu Zou. The title of his presentation is “Application of the Automated Network Assembly of Mechanistic Literature beyond cancer research”. Mechanistic data are increasingly used to facilitate hazard identification of chemicals, and an automated approach has been recently developed and applied in carcinogens. Embedded in the FREIA project, we expand the use of this approach to endocrine disruptive chemicals / female reproductive toxicity research.


Van Thursday 2 February 2023 11:00 AM uur
Tot Thursday 2 February 2023 12:00 PM uur




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