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Prof Linde Meyaard

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To prevent immune pathology, the immune system employs several inhibitory mechanisms, among which inhibitory immune receptors. These receptors provide an activation threshold or negative feedback. Thereby inhibitory immune receptors negatively regulate or terminate immune cell activation, and contributing to immune homeostasis. We question how inhibitory receptors contribute to homeostasis, prevent collateral damage during infections and unwanted inflammatory responses. Our goal is to use receptors as therapeutic targets to dampen or stimulate immune responses where needed.

We do basic work identifying novel molecular interactions, function and signaling pathways of inhibitory receptors and we translate this to human disease. Our research covers respiratory diseases such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection, auto-immune conditions, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, and applicability of inhibitory immune receptors in cancer therapy. We closely collaborate with clinicians which allows us to study the relevance of inhibitory receptors to these diseases using primary patient samples.
Ever since the success of cancer immune therapy through inhibitory receptors, this field and thus possibilities are rapidly expanding. Our basic and translational research is geared towards the potential use of inhibitory receptor agonists to specifically dampen unwanted inflammation and immune pathology in patients.

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  • Inhibitory pattern recognition receptors.
    M Rumpret, HJ von Richthofen, V Peperzak, L Meyaard.
    2022 Journal of Experimental Medicine
    View publication
  • Functional categories of immune inhibitory receptors.
    Rumpret M, Drylewicz J, Ackermans LJE, Borghans JAM, Medzhitov R, Meyaard L.
    2020. Nature Reviews Immunology
    View publication
  • Macrophages transfer mitochondria to sensory neurons to resolve inflammatory pain.
    M van der Vlist, R Raoof,  H L D M Willemen, J Prado, S Versteeg, … &, L Meyaard, N Eijkelkamp
    2022. Neuron
    View publication
  • Signal inhibitory receptor on leukocytes-1 recognizes bacterial and endogenous amphipathic α-helical peptides.
    Rumpret M, von Richthofen HJ, van der Linden M, …, & Meyaard L.
    2021. FASEB Journal
    View publication
  • Signaling by the inhibitory receptor CD200R is rewired by type I interferon.
    M van der Vlist, M I Pascoal Ramos, L L van den Hoogen, ...,  & L Meyaard.
    2011. Science signaling
    View publication
  • Cancer immunotherapy by NC410, a LAIR-2 Fc protein blocking human LAIR-collagen interaction.
    M Ines Pascoal Ramos, Linjie Tian, … , & Linde Meyaard.
    2021.  eLife
    View publication
  • Leukocyte Associated Immunoglobulin Like Receptor 1 Regulation and Function on Monocytes and Dendritic Cells During Inflammation.
    Carvalheiro T, Garcia S, Pascoal Ramos MI, Giovannone B, Radstake TRDJ, Marut W, Meyaard L.
    2020. Front Immunol
    View publication
  • LAIR-1 limits neutrophil extracellular trap formation in viral bronchiolitis.
    Geerdink, R. J., Hennus, M. P., Westerlaken, G. H., , ...,  & Meyaard, L.
    2017. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
    View publication
  • Signal inhibitory receptor on leukocytes-1 limits the formation of neutrophil extracellular traps, but preserves intracellular bacterial killing.
    Van Avondt, K., van der Linden, M., Naccache, P. H., Egan, D. A., & Meyaard, L..
    2016. The Journal of Immunology
    View publication
  • Immune checkpoints and rheumatic diseases: what can cancer immunotherapy teach us?
    Van Der Vlist, M., Kuball, J., Radstake, T. R., & Meyaard, L.
    2016. Nature Reviews Rheumatology
    View publication
  • CD200-CD200R signaling suppresses anti-tumor responses independently of CD200 expression on the tumor.
    Rygiel, T. P., Karnam, ...,  & Meyaard, L.
    2012. Oncogene
    View publication
  • Collagens are functional, high affinity ligands for the inhibitory immune receptor LAIR-1.
    Lebbink, R. J., de Ruiter, T., Adelmeijer, J., Brenkman, ...,  & & Meyaard, L.
    2006. Journal of Experimental Medicine
    View publication

Members group Meyaard uitklapper, klik om te openen



  • Inês Ramos
  • Suraya Bergsma-Elfrink
  • Natalie Mazur


  • Eline Elshof
  • Hajar Aglmous-Talibi
  • Margreet Westerlaken
  • Romy Paap

PhD students

  • Akashdip Singh
  • Ellen Kaan
  • Helen von Richthoven
  • Laura Timmerman
  • Ruben Geerdink
  • Lobke Hensen
  • Sjanna Besteman

Former members (not complete)

  • Rianne van Slooten
  • Tiago Ferreira Carvalheiro 
  • Matevž Rumpret
  • Maarten van der Linden

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