Education and training - Regenerative Medicine

Education and training - Regenerative Medicine

RMU provides a full range of higher education in regenerative medicine. From inspiring bachelor students with electives, to stimulating master students with diverse internships, to challenging PhD students to do great science, RMU is committed to educating and training the next generation of investigators and healthcare providers.

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We offer various elective courses in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells in the curricula of Biomedical Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine ‘CRU’ (traditional medical degree) and the technology track of the Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA-Tech); these courses focus on basic stem cell-, organ- and tissue-biology, principles of de- and regeneration, biomaterials and tissue engineering. Highlights include meet-the-patient sessions, practical lab work, excursions to technical universities and biotech companies and writing/presenting research results.

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The RM program has developed two Master’s programs on Regenerative Medicine & Technology (RMT) and Biofabrication and 3D printing (BIOFAB). These research masters focus primarily on lab- based internships but also include a writing assignment, as well as in-house developed elective  courses on stem cells basics, the fundamentals of biofabrication, vascular- and vascularized tissue engineering, and cardiac regenerative medicine. The master programs offer great freedom for  students to mold their program to their own specific needs. In the courses, we use various teaching formats such as expert lectures, peer teaching, journal clubs, essay writing, and a group assignment to write a research proposal, supervised by tutors from our research groups.

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The PhD Program in Regenerative Medicine offers an inspiring, multidisciplinary and translational education program in the area of Regenerative Medicine for PhD students. Located within the Utrecht University Graduate School of Life Sciences, students graduate with a PhD degree from Utrecht University.

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The Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht is proud basis of the RESCUE COFUND international PhD program, a unique joint program between the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU), Utrecht University (UU) and the Hubrecht Institute on Regenerative Medicine. This program provides a substantial training network of excellent academic institutions and industrial partners to create a new generation of research experts.

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Every year, several thousand international students travel to Utrecht and participate in one or more summer school courses offered by Utrecht Summer School. Will you be one one of them?

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On a regular basis, we give master classes for high school students.

U-Talent contributes to the quality improvement of science and technology education in HAVO and VWO, and realizes a good connection with higher education.

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The RM program participates in activities that inform the general public about our research activities, such as the National Weekend of Science (lab tours and fun educational activities) and organizing tours for patient organisations and national charity funds (e.g. Dutch Heart Foundation, Dutch Kidney  Foundation, ReumaNL). In addition, we provide supervision for high school students for writing assignments and science projects. For the broader RM community at Utrecht University, we host several (inter)national courses and conferences in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cells and a monthly seminar series with international speakers at the RMCU.

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