Circulatory Health Community

Circulatory Health Community

Circulatory Health Research Center creates scientific and societal value by connecting cardiovascular researchers, clinicians and teachers. Because people work in different departments of the UMC Utrecht, we speak of a Circulatory Health community.

Core values within this environment are: equality, diversity and inclusivity with both a regional and international perspective, team efforts are recognized and rewarded, Open Science is promoted and quality prevails over quantity, researchers act from bench to bedside and actively search for collaborations with clinical specialists.

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An overview based on PURE* of PhDs, Postdocs, Fellows, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors can be found below.

*In case your PURE profile is not connected to the strategic program Circulatory Health, please send an e-mail to









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Technicians play an important role within the CHRC with specific knowledge about (lab) facilities and facilitating cardiovascular researchers. The technicians are listed below.

CDL Research:

Arnold Koekman (contact person), Annet van Wesel, Arjan Barendrecht, Brigitte van Oirschot, Cor Seinen, Jennifer Bos, Jerney Gitz, Noortje van Dunnen, Simone Smits and Tamara Pereboom

Experimental Cardiology

Christiaan Snijders, Daniek Kapteijn, Inge Dokter, Mark Daniels and Maaike Brans

Medical Physiology

Marien Houtman and Selina Teurlings

Vascular Surgery

Annelien Lok

Van Creveld Clinic

Vossa van der Vegte.

Circulatory Health Valorisatie Team

Coen Maas, René van Es, Karin Gerritsen en Mira Zuidgeest.

The Valorisation team supports researchers in their attempts to pursue medical innovation. This can amongst others be done through development of intellectual property, academic spin-out initiatives, public-private partnerships, but also through open source routes.

These are our goals:

  • Development of a (post)graduate Valorisation course
  • Information point. Easy-to-reach practical info on valorisation @UMC Utrecht/ Circulatory Health
  • Community building. Mapping out a network of local experts that are willing to share their experience with those planning to valorise their research.​

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The Circulatory Health Research Center also has an active LinkedIn and Twitter Community!

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