prof. dr. V.W.W. Zwijnenberg

prof. dr. V.W.W. Zwijnenberg

Associate Professor
prof. dr. V.W.W. Zwijnenberg
  • Biomedical MR Imaging and Spectroscopy Group

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer



Bas Neggers was trained as a biophysicist at the University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and received his MSc degree in experimental physics in 1996. He obtained his PhD degree at the Max-Planck-Institute in Munich, Germany. He is actively pursuing valorization of techniques developed at the UMC Utrecht in order to help others benefit from our innovative approaches (see He founded his own company Brain Science Tools ( to achieve these goals. Currently he is associate professor at the neuroimaging research group at the UMC Utrecht. He head the fMRI guided TMS workgroup within the department, and he focusses on functional neuroimaging and neurostimulation methods development, neurocomputational modeling and the control of action preparation in healthy subjects and patients with several disorders.

Most recent key publications

1: T.P. Gutteling, S.Y. Park, J.L. Kenemans, S.F.W. Neggers. TMS of the anterior intraparietal area selectively modulates orientation change detection during action preparation. J Neurophysiol. 2013 [Epub ahead of print]
2: K.M. Sharika, S.F.W. Neggers. T.P. Gutteling, S. van der Stigchel, C.H. Dijkerman, A. Murthy (in press). Proactive control of sequential saccades in the human supplementary eye field. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.
3: S.E. Bosch, S.F.W. Neggers, S. van der Stigchel (in press). The role of the frontal eye fields in oculomotor competition: image-guided TMS enhances contralateral target selection. Cerebral Cortex
4: S.F.W. Neggers, R.M. van Diepen, B.B. Zandbelt, M. Vink, R.C.W. Mandl, T. P. Gutteling (2012). A functional and structural investigation of the human fronto-basal volitional saccade network. PLoS ONE 7(1): e29517
5: A.D. de Weijer, S.F. Neggers, K.M. Diederen, R.C. Mandl, R.S. Kahn, H.E. Hulshoff Pol, I.E. Sommer (in press). Aberrations in the arcuate fasciculus are associated with auditory verbal hallucinations in psychotic and in non-psychotic individuals. Human Brain Mapping, doi: 10.1002/hbm.21463

Fellowship and Awards

1: ENIAC (EU) Grant "Devices for NeuroControl and NeuroRehabilitation"
2: NWO open competition grant
3: DFG Postdoctoral fellowship grant (“Schwerpunkt projekt”)
4: 2 UU Short stay fellowships

Research Output (75)

Bone Mineral Density Surveillance for Childhood, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancer Survivors: Recommendations from The International Late Effects of Childhood Cancer Guideline Harmonization Group (IGHG)

Van Atteveld J., Mulder R., Van Den Heuvel-Eibrink M., Hudson M., Kremer L., Skinner R., Wallace H., Constine L., Higham C., Kaste S., Niinimaki R., Mostoufi-Moab S., Alos N., Fintini D., Templeton K., Ward L., Frey E., Franceschi R., Pavasovic V., Karol S., Amin N., Vrooman L., Harila-Saari A., Demoor-Goldschmidt C., Murray R., Bardi E., Lequin M., Faienza M. Felicia, Zaikova O., Berger C., Mora S., Ness K., Neggers S., Pluijm S., Simmons J., Di Iorgi N. Nov 2021, In: Pediatric Blood & Cancer. 68 , p. S120-S121

Altered effective connectivity within an oculomotor control network in unaffected relatives of individuals with schizophrenia

Lehet Matthew, Tso Ivy F., Park Sohee, Neggers Sebastiaan F.W., Thompson Ilse A., Kahn Rene S., Thakkar Katharine N. Sep 2021, In: Brain sciences. 11

Design and Evaluation of a Rodent-Specific Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Coil:An In Silico and In Vivo Validation Study

Boonzaier Julia, Petrov Petar I., Otte Willem M., Smirnov Nickolay, Neggers Sebastiaan F.W., Dijkhuizen Rick M. 1 Apr 2020, In: Neuromodulation. 23 , p. 324-334 11 p.

Clinical characteristics and survival patterns of subsequent sarcoma, breast cancer, and melanoma after childhood cancer in the DCOG-LATER cohort

Teepen Jop C., Kremer Leontien C., van der Heiden-van der Loo Margriet, Tissing Wim J., van der Pal Helena J., van den Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M., Loonen Jacqueline J., Louwerens Marloes, Versluys Birgitta, van Dulmen-den Broeder Eline, Visser Otto, Maduro John H., van Leeuwen Flora E., Ronckers Cecile M., Aleman B. M.P., Caron H. N., Grootenhuis M. A., den Hartogh J. G., Hollema N., Neggers S. J.C.M.M., Postma A., de Ridder-Sluiter J. G., Rutgers E. J.T., 1 Sep 2019, In: Cancer Causes and Control. 30 , p. 909-922 14 p.

Structural thalamofrontal hypoconnectivity is related to oculomotor corollary discharge dysfunction in schizophrenia

Yao Beier, Neggers Sebastiaan F.W., Rolfs Martin, Rösler Lara, Thompson Ilse A., Hopman Helene J., Ghermezi Livon, Kahn René S., Thakkar Katharine N. 13 Mar 2019, In: Journal of Neuroscience. 39 , p. 2102-2113 12 p.

Noninvasive Brain Stimulation to Enhance Functional Recovery After Stroke:Studies in Animal Models

Boonzaier Julia, van Tilborg Geralda A.F., Neggers Sebastiaan F.W., Dijkhuizen Rick M. 1 Nov 2018, In: Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. 32 , p. 927-940 14 p.

A novel concurrent TMS-fMRI method to reveal propagation patterns of prefrontal magnetic brain stimulation

Vink Jord J.T., Mandija Stefano, Petrov Petar I., van den Berg Cornells A.T., Sommer Iris E.C., Neggers Sebastiaan F.W. Nov 2018, In: Human Brain Mapping. 39 , p. 4580-4592 13 p.

Establishing the functional connectivity of the frontotemporal network in pre-attentive change detection with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and event-related optical signal

Tse Chun Yu, Yip Long Yin, Lui Troby Ka Yan, Xiao Xue Zhen, Wang Yang, Chu Winnie Chiu Wing, Parks Nathan Allen, Chan Sandra Sau Man, Neggers Sebastiaan Franciscus Wijnandus 1 Oct 2018, In: NeuroImage. 179 , p. 403-413 11 p.

Colorectal Adenomas and Cancers After Childhood Cancer Treatment:A DCOG-LATER Record Linkage Study

Teepen J C, Kok Judith L, van Leeuwen Flora E, Tissing Wim J E, Dolsma Wil V, van der Pal Helena J, Loonen Jacqueline J, Bresters Dorine, Versluys A B, van den Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M, van Dulmen-den Broeder Eline, van den Berg Marleen H, van der Heiden-van der Loo Margriet, Hauptmann Michael, Jongmans M C, Overbeek L I, van de Vijver M J, Kremer L C M, Ronckers C M, Aleman B M P, van den Berg M H, Caron H N, Daniels L A, Dolsma W, van Dulmen-den Broeder E, Grootenhuis M A, Haasbeek C J, den Hartogh J G, Hauptmann M, van der Heiden-van der Loo M, van den Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M, Hollema N, Janssens G O, Jongmans M C, Jaspers M W M, Kok J L, van Leeuwen F E, Loonen J, Maduro J H, Neggers S J C M M, Oldenburger F, van der Pal H J, Postma A, Ronckers C M, Tersteeg R J, Tissing Wim J E, Versluys A B, Zsíros J, 1 Jul 2018, In: Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 110 , p. 758-767 10 p.

Balancing the benefits and harms of thyroid cancer surveillance in survivors of Childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer:Recommendations from the international Late Effects of Childhood Cancer Guideline Harmonization Group in collaboration with the PanCareSurFup Consortium

Clement S C, Kremer Leontine C M, Verburg Frederik A., Simmons J H, Goldfarb M, Peeters Robin P, Alexander E K, Bardi Edit, Brignardello E, Constine Louis S, Dinauer C A, Drozd V M, Felicetti F, Frey S.E., Heinzel Andreas, van den Heuvel-Eibrink M M, Huang S A, Links Thera P, Krummel-Lorenz B, Mulder Renée L, Neggers S J, Nieveen van Dijkum E J M, Oeffinger Kevin C, van Rijn R., Rivkees S A, Ronckers Cécile M., Schneider A B, Skinner R., Wasserman J D, Wynn T, Hudson M., Nathan P C, van Santen H M Feb 2018, In: Cancer Treatment Reviews. 63 , p. 28-39 12 p.

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