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Research Output (14)

MCLA-117, a CLEC12AxCD3 bispecific antibody targeting a leukaemic stem cell antigen, induces T cell-mediated AML blast lysis

van Loo Pieter Fokko, Hangalapura Basav N., Thordardottir Soley, Gibbins John D., Veninga Henrike, Hendriks Linda J.A., Kramer Arjen, Roovers Rob C., Leenders Marij, de Kruif John, Doornbos Robert P., Sirulnik Andres, Throsby Mark, Logtenberg Ton, Dolstra Harry, Bakker Alexander B.H. 3 Jul 2019, In: Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy. 19 , p. 721-733 13 p.

Unbiased Combinatorial Screening Identifies a Bispecific IgG1 that Potently Inhibits HER3 Signaling via HER2-Guided Ligand Blockade

Geuijen Cecile A.W., De Nardis Camilla, Maussang David, Rovers Eric, Gallenne Tristan, Hendriks Linda J.A., Visser Therese, Nijhuis Roy, Logtenberg Ton, de Kruif John, Gros Piet, Throsby Mark 14 May 2018, In: Cancer Cell. 33 , p. 922-936.e10

Generation of stable cell clones expressing mixtures of human antibodies

De Kruif John, Kramer Arjen, Nijhuis Roy, Van Der Zande Vanessa, Den Blanken Renate, Clements Carina, Visser Therèse, Keehnen Rob, Den Hartog Marcel, Throsby Mark, Logtenberg Ton 1 Aug 2010, In: Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 106 , p. 741-750 10 p.

Human Immunoglobulin Repertoires against Tetanus Toxoid Contain a Large and Diverse Fraction of High-Affinity Promiscuous V<sub>H</sub> Genes

de Kruif John, Kramer Arjen, Visser Therèse, Clements Carina, Nijhuis Roy, Cox Freek, van der Zande Vanessa, Smit Renate, Pinto Daniel, Throsby Mark, Logtenberg Ton 3 Apr 2009, In: Journal of Molecular Biology. 387 , p. 548-558 11 p.

Antibody cocktails:next-generation biopharmaceuticals with improved potency

Logtenberg Ton 1 Sep 2007, In: Trends in biotechnology. 25 , p. 390-394 5 p.

A novel helper phage that improves phage display selection efficiency by preventing the amplification of phages without recombinant protein

Kramer R. Arjen, Cox Freek, van der Horst Marieke, van der Oudenrijn Sonja, Res Pieter C.M., Bia Judith, Logtenberg Ton, de Kruif John 1 Jun 2003, In: Nucleic acids research. 31 , p. e59

Human IgG Fc-binding phage antibodies constructed from synovial fluid CD38<sup>+</sup> B cells of patients with rheumatoid arthritis show the imprints of an antigen-dependent process of somatic hypermutation and clonal selection

Van Esch W. J.E., Reparon-Schuijt C. C., Hamstra H. J., Van Kooten C., Logtenberg T., Breedveld F. C., Verweij C. L. 1 Feb 2003, In: Clinical and Experimental Immunology. 131 , p. 364-376 13 p.

High-level expression of recombinant IgG in the human cell line PER.C6

Jones David, Kroos Nathalie, Anema Regina, Van Montfort Bart, Vooys Andre, Van Der Kraats Sven, Van Der Helm Esmeralda, Smits Shirley, Schouten Jan, Brouwer Kirsten, Lagerwerf Fija, Van Berkel Patrick, Opstelten Dirk Jan, Logtenberg Ton, Bout Abraham 1 Jan 2003, In: Biotechnology Progress. 19 , p. 163-168 6 p.

Sural nerve T-cell receptor Vβ gene utilization in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy and vasculitic neuropathy

Bosboom W. M.J., Van den Berg L. H., Mollee I., Sasker L. D., Jansen J., Wokke J. H.J., Logtenberg T. 9 Jan 2001, In: Neurology. 56 , p. 74-81 8 p.

Cloning, chromosal mapping, and tissue expression of the gene encoding the human Eph-family kinase ligand ephrin-A2

Aasheim Hans Christian, Pedeutour Florence, Grosgeorge Josiane, Logtenberg Ton 18 Nov 1998, In: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 252 , p. 378-382 5 p.

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