mr. drs. L.M. Vermeule

mr. drs. L.M. Vermeule

Assistant Professor - medical
mr. drs. L.M. Vermeule
  • Department of Surgical Oncology

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer

Research Output (91)

Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis after ductoscopy: A case report

Makineli S., van Diest P. J., Fernandez M. A., Witkamp A. J. Nov 2021, In: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports. 88 , p. 1-3

Perioperative Systemic Therapy vs Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Alone for Resectable Colorectal Peritoneal Metastases:A Phase 2 Randomized Clinical Trial

Rovers Koen P., Bakkers Checca, Nienhuijs Simon W., Burger Jacobus W.A., Creemers Geert Jan M., Thijs Anna M.J., Brandt-Kerkhof Alexandra R.M., Madsen Eva V.E., Van Meerten Esther, Tuynman Jurriaan B., Kusters Miranda, Versteeg Kathelijn S., Aalbers Arend G.J., Kok Niels F.M., Buffart Tineke E., Wiezer Marinus J., Boerma Djamila, Los Maartje, De Reuver Philip R., Bremers Andreas J.A., Verheul Henk M.W., Kruijff Schelto, De Groot Derk Jan A., Witkamp Arjen J., Van Grevenstein Wilhelmina M.U., Koopman Miriam, Nederend Joost, Lahaye Max J., Kranenburg Onno, Fijneman Remond J.A., Van 'T Erve Iris, Snaebjornsson Petur, Hemmer Patrick H.J., Dijkgraaf Marcel G.W., Punt Cornelis J.A., Tanis Pieter J., De Hingh Ignace H.J.T. Aug 2021, In: JAMA Surgery. 156 , p. 710-720 11 p.

Patient-reported symptoms of late radiation toxicity in breast cancer patients

Mink van der Molen D., Batenburg M., Doeksen A., van Dalen T., Schoenmaeckers E., Bijlsma R., Witkamp A., Ernst M., Sier M., Maarse W., van den Bongard D., van der Leij F., Verkooijen H. Aug 2021, In: Radiotherapy and Oncology. 161 , p. S43-S44

High discordance rate in assessing sentinel node positivity in cutaneous melanoma:Expert review may reduce unjustified adjuvant treatment

El Sharouni Mary Ann, Laeijendecker Annelien E., Suijkerbuijk Karijn PM, Witkamp Arjen J., Sigurdsson Vigfús, van Diest Paul J., van Gils Carla H., Blokx Willeke AM 10 Apr 2021, In: European Journal of Cancer. 149 , p. 105-113 9 p.

Development and Validation of Nomograms to Predict Local, Regional, and Distant Recurrence in Patients With Thin (T1) Melanomas

El Sharouni Mary Ann, Ahmed Tasnia, Varey Alexander H.R., Elias Sjoerd G., Witkamp Arjen J., Sigurdsson Vigfús, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P.M., van Diest Paul J., Scolyer Richard A., van Gils Carla H., Thompson John F., Blokx Willeke A.M., Lo Serigne N. 18 Feb 2021, In: Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 39 , p. 1243-1252 10 p.

Decisional conflict in breast cancer patients considering immediate breast reconstruction

ter Stege Jacqueline A., Oldenburg Hester S.A., Woerdeman Leonie A.E., Witkamp Arjen J., Kieffer Jacobien M., van Huizum Martine A., van Duijnhoven Frederieke H., Hahn Daniela E.E., Gerritsma Miranda A., Kuenen Marianne A., Kimmings Nikola (A N.)., Ruhé Quinten (P Q.)., Krabbe-Timmerman Irene S., Riet Martijne van t., Corten Eveline M.L., Sherman Kerry A., Bleiker Eveline M.A. Feb 2021, In: Breast. 55 , p. 91-97 7 p.

Predicting sentinel node positivity in patients with melanoma:external validation of a risk-prediction calculator (the Melanoma Institute Australia nomogram) using a large European population-based patient cohort

El Sharouni M A, Varey A H R, Witkamp A J, Ahmed T, Sigurdsson V, van Diest P J, Scolyer R A, Thompson J F, Lo S N, van Gils C H 2021, In: British Journal of Dermatology. 185 , p. 412-418 7 p.

Meta-analysis and cost-effectiveness of ductoscopy, duct excision surgery and MRI for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with pathological nipple discharge

Filipe M D, Patuleia S I S, Vriens M R, van Diest P J, Witkamp A J 2021, In: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 186 , p. 285-293 9 p.

The association of socioeconomic status on treatment strategy in patients with stage I and II breast cancer in the Netherlands

Filipe M. D., Siesling S., Vriens M. R., van Diest P., Witkamp A. J. 2021, In: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 189 , p. 541-550 10 p.

Robotic nipple-sparing mastectomy complication rate compared to traditional nipple-sparing mastectomy:a systematic review and meta-analysis

Filipe M. D., de Bock E., Postma E. L., Bastian O. W., Schellekens P. P.A., Vriens M. R., Witkamp A. J., Richir M. C. 2021, In: Journal of Robotic Surgery. 16 , p. 265-272 8 p.

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