prof. dr. B. (Gepke) Veneman

prof. dr. B. (Gepke) Veneman

Assistant Professor - medical

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Research Output (176)

Dietary restriction in the long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase knockout mouse

Diekman Eugène F., van Weeghel Michel, Suárez-Fariñas Mayte, Argmann Carmen, Ranea-Robles Pablo, Wanders Ronald J.A., Visser Gepke, van der Made Ingeborg, Creemers Esther E., Houten Sander M. Jun 2021, In: Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports. 27 , p. 1-8

Electrophysiological Abnormalities in VLCAD Deficient hiPSC-Cardiomyocytes Do not Improve with Carnitine Supplementation

Verkerk Arie O., Knottnerus Suzan J.G., Portero Vincent, Bleeker Jeannette C., Ferdinandusse Sacha, Guan Kaomei, IJlst Lodewijk, Visser Gepke, Wanders Ronald J.A., Wijburg Frits A., Bezzina Connie R., Mengarelli Isabella, Houtkooper Riekelt H. 12 Jan 2021, In: Frontiers in Pharmacology. 11

An international classification of inherited metabolic disorders (ICIMD)

Ferreira Carlos R, Rahman Shamima, Keller Markus, Zschocke Johannes, , Visser Gepke Jan 2021, In: Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease. 44 , p. 164-177 14 p.

Neonatal carnitine concentrations in relation to gestational age and weight

Crefcoeur Loek L., de Sain-van der Velden Monique G.M., Ferdinandusse Sacha, Langeveld Mirjam, Maase Rose, Vaz Frédéric M., Visser Gepke, Wanders Ronald J.A., Wijburg Frits A., Verschoof-Puite Rendelien K., Schielen Peter C.J.I. 1 Nov 2020, In: JIMD Reports. 56 , p. 95-104 10 p.

Development and validation of a gas chromatography–mass spectrometry method to analyze octanoate enrichments at low concentrations in human plasma

van Harskamp Dewi, Knottnerus Suzan J.G., Visser Gepke, van Goudoever Johannes B., Schierbeek Henk 1 Sep 2020, In: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 412 , p. 5789-5797 9 p.

Mitochondrial Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders:Laboratory Diagnosis, Pathogenesis, and the Complicated Route to Treatment

Wanders Ronald J A, Visser Gepke, Ferdinandusse Sacha, Vaz Frédéric M, Houtkooper Riekelt H Sep 2020, In: Journal of lipid and atherosclerosis. 9 , p. 313-333 21 p.

Evaluation of 11 years of newborn screening for maple syrup urine disease in the Netherlands and a systematic review of the literature:Strategies for optimization

Stroek Kevin, Boelen Anita, Bouva Marelle J., De Sain-van der Velden Monique, Schielen Peter C.J.I., Maase Rose, Engel Henk, Jakobs Bernadette, Kluijtmans Leo A.J., Mulder Margot F., Rubio-Gozalbo M. E., van Spronsen Francjan J., Visser Gepke, de Vries Maaike C., Williams Monique, Heijboer Annemieke C., Kemper Evelien A., Bosch Annet M. Jul 2020, In: JIMD Reports. 54 , p. 68-78 11 p.

Nutritional ketosis improves exercise metabolism in patients with very long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency

Bleeker Jeannette C., Visser Gepke, Clarke Kieran, Ferdinandusse Sacha, de Haan Ferdinand H., Houtkooper Riekelt H., IJlst Lodewijk, Kok Irene L., Langeveld Mirjam, van der Pol W. Ludo, de Sain-van der Velden Monique G.M., Sibeijn-Kuiper Anita, Takken Tim, Wanders Ronald J.A., van Weeghel Michel, Wijburg Frits A., van der Woude Luc H., Wüst Rob C.I., Cox Pete J., Jeneson Jeroen A.L. Jul 2020, In: Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease. 43 , p. 787-799 13 p.

Prediction of VLCAD deficiency phenotype by a metabolic fingerprint in newborn screening bloodspots

Knottnerus Suzan J.G., Pras-Raves Mia L., van der Ham Maria, Ferdinandusse Sacha, Houtkooper Riekelt H., Schielen Peter C.J.I., Visser Gepke, Wijburg Frits A., de Sain-van der Velden Monique G.M. 1 Jun 2020, In: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Basis of Disease. 1866

Electrophysiological abnormalities in VLCAD deficient hiPSC-cardiomyocytes can be improved by lowering accumulation of fatty acid oxidation intermediates

Knottnerus Suzan J.G., Mengarelli Isabella, Wüst Rob C.I., Baartscheer Antonius, Bleeker Jeannette C., Coronel Ruben, Ferdinandusse Sacha, Guan Kaomei, Ijlst Lodewijk, Li Wener, Luo Xiaojing, Portero Vincent M., Ulbricht Ying, Visser Gepke, Wanders Ronald J.A., Wijburg Frits A., Verkerk Arie O., Houtkooper Riekelt H., Bezzina Connie R. 8 Apr 2020, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 21 , p. 1-15

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