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Research Output (282)

Anti-Müllerian Hormone Levels and Risk of Cancer in Women

Verdiesen Renée M G, van Gils Carla H, Stellato Rebecca K, Verschuren W M Monique, Broekmans Frank J M, de Kat Annelien C, van der Schouw Yvonne T, Onland-Moret N Charlotte Jan 2021, In: Maturitas. 143 , p. 216-222 7 p.

Predicting sentinel node positivity in patients with melanoma:external validation of a risk-prediction calculator (the Melanoma Institute Australia nomogram) using a large European population-based patient cohort

El Sharouni M A, Varey A H R, Witkamp A J, Ahmed T, Sigurdsson V, van Diest P J, Scolyer R A, Thompson J F, Lo S N, van Gils C H 2021, In: British Journal of Dermatology. 185 , p. 412-418 7 p.

The changing microRNA landscape by color and cloudiness:a cautionary tale for nipple aspirate fluid biomarker analysis

Patuleia Susana I S, van der Wall Elsken, van Gils Carla H, Bakker Marije F, Jager Agnes, Voorhorst-Ogink Marleen M, van Diest Paul J, Moelans Cathy B 2021, In: Cellular oncology. 44 , p. 1339-1349 11 p.

Indocyanine green versus technetium-99m with blue dye for sentinel lymph node detection in early-stage cervical cancer:A systematic review and meta-analysis

Baeten Ilse G.T., Hoogendam Jacob P., Jeremiasse Bernadette, Braat Arthur J.A.T., Veldhuis Wouter B., Jonges Geertruida N., Jürgenliemk-Schulz Ina M., van Gils Carla H., Zweemer Ronald P., Gerestein Cornelis G. 2021, In: Cancer Reports. 5

Subtyping Cutaneous Melanoma Matters

El Sharouni Mary-Ann, van Diest Paul Johannes, Witkamp Arjen Joost, Sigurdsson Vigfús, van Gils Carla Henrica Dec 2020, In: JNCI cancer spectrum. 4 , p. 1-6

The Physiological MicroRNA Landscape in Nipple Aspirate Fluid:Differences and Similarities with Breast Tissue, Breast Milk, Plasma and Serum

Patuleia Susana I S, van Gils Carla H, Oneto Cao Angie M, Bakker Marije F, van Diest Paul J, van der Wall Elsken, Moelans Cathy B 2 Nov 2020, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 21 , p. 1-17 17 p.

Oncology patients were found to understand and accept the Trials within Cohorts design

Young-Afat Danny A., Gal Roxanne, Gerlich Sophie, Burbach Johannes P.M., van der Velden Joanne M., van den Bongard Desireé H.J.G., Intven Martijn P.W., Kasperts Nicolien, May Anne M., van der Graaf Rieke, van Gils Carla H., Verkooijen Helena M. 31 Oct 2020, In: Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 130 , p. 135-142 8 p.

Lessons Learned from Setting Up a Prospective, Longitudinal, Multicenter Study with Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer

Patuleia Susana I S, Hagenaars Sophie C, Moelans Cathy B, Ausems Margreet G E M, van Gils Carla H, Tollenaar Rob A E M, van Diest Paul J, Mesker Wilma E, van der Wall Elsken 20 Oct 2020, In: Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention. 30 , p. 441-449 9 p.

Blood pressure and risk of cancer in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition

Christakoudi Sofia, Kakourou Artemisia, Markozannes Georgios, Tzoulaki Ioanna, Weiderpass Elisabete, Brennan Paul, Gunter Marc, Dahm Christina C, Overvad Kim, Olsen Anja, Tjønneland Anne, Boutron-Ruault Marie-Christine, Madika Anne-Laure, Severi Gianluca, Katzke Verena, Kühn Tilman, Bergmann Manuela M, Boeing Heiner, Karakatsani Anna, Martimianaki Georgia, Thriskos Paschalis, Masala Giovanna, Sieri Sabina, Panico Salvatore, Tumino Rosario, Ricceri Fulvio, Agudo Antonio, Redondo-Sánchez Daniel, Colorado-Yohar Sandra M, Mokoroa Olatz, Melander Olle, Stocks Tanja, Häggström Christel, Harlid Sophia, Bueno-de-Mesquita Bas, van Gils Carla H, Vermeulen Roel C H, Khaw Kay-Tee, Wareham Nicholas J, Tong Tammy Y N, Freisling Heinz, Johansson Mattias, Lennon Hannah, Aune Dagfinn, Riboli Elio, Trichopoulos Dimitrios, Trichopoulou Antonia, Tsilidis Konstantinos K 15 May 2020, In: International Journal of Cancer. 146 , p. 2680-2693 14 p.

Anti-Müllerian hormone levels and risk of cancer:A systematic review

Verdiesen Renée M.G., van Gils Carla H., van der Schouw Yvonne T., Onland-Moret N. Charlotte May 2020, In: Maturitas. 135 , p. 53-67 15 p.

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