drs. H. (Hans) van Breuker

drs. H. (Hans) van Breuker

Full Professor
drs. H. (Hans) van Breuker
  • Department of Public Health, Healthcare Innovation & Evaluation and Medical Humanities (PHM)
  • Julius Center Research Program Methodology



Johannes (Hans) van Delden is full professor of medical ethics at the University Medical Center of Utrecht University, the Netherlands and director of education of the same institute. There he also leads the project on patient and public participation for the hospital and for the academic research in the UMC Utrecht. He has worked for many years as a practicing nursing home physician. He has published widely on the practice and ethics of end-of-life decisions, research ethics, and ethical issues in the care for the elderly. He has built a strong research team which has created a strong track record in the ethics of end-of-life decisions, research ethics, and ethics of biomedical innovation. He is the chair of the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO. He has served as the president of the Council of International Organisations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS), and as the chair of the workgroup for the revision of the CIOMS ethical guidelines for biomedical research.

Side Activities

  • 1995-heden - Lid editorial board tijdschrift Bioethics
  • 2010-heden - Lid Centrale Commissie Mensgebonden Onderzoek
  • 2010-2016   - President Executive committee CIOMS
  • 2012-2016   - Chair, working group for the revision of the CIOMS international guidelines for biomedical research
  • 2013-heden - Voorzitter Toetsingscommissie Biobank UMC Utrecht
  • 2015-heden - President International Bioethics Committee (IBC) UNESCO
  • 2015-2018 - Chair International Bioethics Committee (IBC) UNESCO
  • 2018-heden - Voorzitter Ethics and Compliance Advisory Board (ECAB) van PatientsLikeMe (PLM)
  • 2018-heden - Vice-voorzitter CCMO (Centrale Commissie Mensgebonden Onderzoek)
  • 2018-2020 - Chair Ethics Compliance Advisory Board, PatientsLikeMe, Boston
  • 2019-heden - Lid Klankbordgroep Chroom-6 blootstelling, RIVM
  • 2021-heden - Member, Working Group on Principles of Good Governance for Research Institutions (PGGRI), CIOMS
  • 2021-heden - Ethics advisor IMI project T2Evolve
  • 2021-heden - Ethics advisor IMI project Harmony
  • 2021-heden - Ethics advisor IMI project PIONEER

Fellowship and Awards

1993                           Proefschrift bekroond met de C van der Meer-prijs

                                   voor medische ethiek

2007                           Talma Eijkman prijs voor docent van het jaar

2009                           ASB visiting professor University of Auckland (NZ)

2015                           Nominatie UU docent van het jaar

Research Output (333)

The social licence for data-intensive health research:towards co-creation, public value and trust

Muller Sam H A, Kalkman Shona, van Thiel Ghislaine J M W, Van Delden Johannes, van Delden Johannes J M 10 Aug 2021, In: BMC Medical Ethics. 22 , p. 1-9

Advance care planning met patiënten met gevorderde kanker:Een cluster-gerandomiseerde studie in 6 Europese landen

Korfage Ida J., Jabbarian Lea J., van Delden Johannes J.M., Kars Marijke C., Polinder Suzanne, Zwakman Marieke, van der Heide Agnes, Rietjens Judith A.C. 2 Jun 2021, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. 165 , p. 1-8

Responsible Research with Human Tissues:The Need for Reciprocity Toward Both Collectives and Individuals

Lensink Michael A, Jongsma Karin R, Boers Sarah N, van Delden Johannes J M, Bredenoord Annelien L 3 Apr 2021, In: The American Journal of Bioethics. 21 , p. 75-78 4 p.

Missing not at random in end of life care studies:multiple imputation and sensitivity analysis on data from the ACTION study

Carreras Giulia, Miccinesi Guido, Wilcock Andrew, Preston Nancy, Nieboer Daan, Deliens Luc, Groenvold Mogens, Lunder Urška, van der Heide Agnes, Baccini Michela, Korfage Ida J., Rietjens Judith A.C., Jabbarian Lea J., Polinder Suzanne, van Delden Hans, Kars Marijke, Zwakman Marieke, Verkissen Mariëtte N., Eecloo Kim, Faes Kristof, Pollock Kristian, Seymour Jane, Caswell Glenys, Bramley Louise, Payne Sheila, Dunleavy Lesley, Sowerby Eleanor, Bulli Francesco, Ingravallo Francesca, Carreras Giulia, Toccafondi Alessandro, Gorini Giuseppe, Lunder Urška, Červ Branka, Simonič Anja, Mimić Alenka, Kodba-Čeh Hana, Ozbič Polona, Groenvold Mogens, Arnfeldt Caroline, Thit Johnsen Anna, 9 Jan 2021, In: BMC Medical Research Methodology. 21 , p. 1-12

De stem van de patiënt in de psychiatrie:niet gehoord, cocreatie, coöptatie of parallelle organisatie?

van Os J., van Delden H., Boevink W. 2021, In: Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie. 63 , p. 727-730 4 p.

Ethics and the marketing authorization of pharmaceuticals:what happens to ethical issues discovered post-trial and pre-marketing authorization?

Bernabe Rosemarie D L C, van Thiel Ghislaine J M W, Breekveldt Nancy S, Gispen Christine C, van Delden Johannes J M 27 Oct 2020, In: BMC Medical Ethics. 21 , p. 1-8

Integrating public health programs and research after the malaria vaccine implementation program (MVIP):Recommendations for next steps

van der Graaf Rieke, Macklin Ruth, Rid Annette, Bhan Anant, Gefenas Eugenijus, Greco Dirceu, Haerry David, Hurst Samia, London Alex John, Saracci Rodolfo, Sprumont Dominique, van Delden Johannes J.M. 21 Oct 2020, In: Vaccine. 38 , p. 6975-6978 4 p.

Physicians' and Public Attitudes Toward Euthanasia in People with Advanced Dementia

Brinkman-Stoppelenburg Arianne, Evenblij Kirsten, Pasman H Roeline W, van Delden Johannes J M, Onwuteaka-Philipsen Bregje D, van der Heide Agnes Oct 2020, In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 68 , p. 2319-2328 10 p.

Classification of end-of-life decisions by Dutch physicians:findings from a cross-sectional survey

Overbeek Anouk, van de Wetering Veerle E, van Delden Johannes J M, Mevis Paul A M, Onwuteaka-Philipsen Bregje D, Postma Liselotte, Rietjens Judith A C, van der Heide Agnes 21 Jul 2020, In: Annals of Palliative Medicine. 10 , p. 3554-3562 9 p.

Ethical challenges for pediatric liver organoid transplantation

Schneemann Sarah A, Boers Sarah N, van Delden Johannes J M, Nieuwenhuis Edward E S, Fuchs Sabine A, Bredenoord Annelien L 15 Jul 2020, In: Science translational medicine. 12 , p. 1-3

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