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Prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and its association with surrogate markers of insulin resistance in patients with type 1 diabetes

de Vries Marieke, Westerink Jan, El-Morabit Fatima, Kaasjager H. A.H.(Karin), de Valk Harold W. Apr 2022, In: Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. 186

Hematological Ratios Are Associated with Acute Kidney Injury and Mortality in Patients That Present with Suspected Infection at the Emergency Department

de Hond Titus A.P., Ocak Gurbey, Groeneweg Leonie, Oosterheert Jan Jelrik, Haitjema Saskia, Khairoun Meriem, Kaasjager Karin A.H. 1 Feb 2022, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 11 , p. 1-12

Remote hospital care for recovering covid-19 patients using telemedicine:A randomised controlled trial

van Goor Harriët M.R., Breteler Martine J.M., van Loon Kim, de Hond Titus A.P., Reitsma Johannes B., Zwart Dorien L.M., Kalkman Cornelis J., Kaasjager Karin A.H. 17 Dec 2021, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 10

The incidence, mortality and renal outcomes of acute kidney injury in patients with suspected infection at the emergency department

Khairoun Meriem, Uffen Jan Willem, Ocak Gurbey, Koopsen Romy, Haitjema Saskia, Oosterheert Jan Jelrik, Kaasjager Karin Dec 2021, In: PLoS ONE. 16 , p. 1-13

Ambiguous definitions for baseline serum creatinine affect acute kidney diagnosis at the emergency department

Niemantsverdriet Michael, Khairoun Meriem, El Idrissi Ayman, Koopsen Romy, Hoefer Imo, van Solinge Wouter, Uffen Jan Willem, Bellomo Domenico, Groenestege Wouter Tiel, Kaasjager Karin, Haitjema Saskia Dec 2021, In: BMC Nephrology. 22 , p. 1-10

Code status documentation at admission in COVID-19 patients:A descriptive cohort study

Briedé Saskia, Van Goor Harriet M.R., De Hond Titus A.P., Van Roeden Sonja E., Staats Judith M., Oosterheert Jan Jelrik, Van Den Bos Frederiek, Kaasjager Karin A.H. 10 Nov 2021, In: BMJ Open. 11

Immune checkpoint inhibitor-associated acute kidney injury and mortality:An observational study

Koks Marije S, Ocak Gurbey, Suelmann Britt B M, Hulsbergen-Veelken Cornelia A R, Haitjema Saskia, Vianen Marieke E, Verhaar Marianne C, Kaasjager Karin A H, Khairoun Meriem Jun 2021, In: PLoS ONE. 16

The Systemic Immune Response in COVID-19 Is Associated with a Shift to Formyl-Peptide Unresponsive Eosinophils

Koenderman Leo, Siemers Maarten J, van Aalst Corneli, Bongers Suzanne H, Spijkerman Roy, Bindels Bas J J, Giustarini Giulio, van Goor Harriët M R, Kaasjager Karin A H, Vrisekoop Nienke 5 May 2021, In: Cells. 10 12 p.

Thrombotic Events in COVID-19 Are Associated With a Lower Use of Prophylactic Anticoagulation Before Hospitalization and Followed by Decreases in Platelet Reactivity

Clark Chantal C., Jukema Bernard N., Barendrecht Arjan D., Spanjaard Judith S., Jorritsma Nikita K.N., Smits Simone, de Maat Steven, Seinen Cor W., Verhoef Sandra, Parr Naomi M.J., Sebastian Silvie A.E., Koekman Arnold C., van Wesel Annet C.W., van Goor Harriet M.R., Spijkerman Roy, Bongers Suzanne H., van der Vries Erhard, Nierkens Stefan, Boes Marianne, Koenderman Leo, Kaasjager Karin A.H., Maas Coen, 22 Apr 2021, In: Frontiers in medicine. 8 , p. 1-11

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