drs. T.U. Polman

drs. T.U. Polman

Associate Professor - medical
drs. T.U. Polman
  • Center for Translational Immunology (CTI) Research
  • Rheumatology Research 1
  • Immunology

Research Programs

Child Health



Bas is a pediatric rheumatologist in the “EULAR center of excellence in rheumatology" Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital Utrecht. Besides being an esteemed clinician in the field of Pediatric Rheumatology, he has developed into a translational researcher, with a PhD on mechanisms of disease and therapy in severe JIA in 2013. From 2015, he has been starting a translational research group together with Jorg van Loosdregt, molecular biologist. They currently supervise 5 PhD students, 1 post-doc and 2 technicians together, within the Center of Translational Immunology in Utrecht (v Loosdregt-Vastert group). Their labgroup aims to translate cutting edge science into clinical benefit for patients and their research focusses on systemic JIA and on development of novel treatment strategies for JIA. Bas is currently leading a multi-center prospective trial implementing a biomarker driven stop-strategy for rIL-1RA therapy in systemic JIA in the Netherlands (the ESTIS trial).

In addition, as a designated Young Investigator, Bas is the Dutch lead for all translational laboratory studies within UCAN CAN DU (major infrastructural research project 2017-2021 in Canada and the Netherlands).

Key words: Translational research in childhood arthritis, biology of systemic JIA, (regulation of) auto-inflammation, regulation of autoimmune inflammation, epigenetics.

Side Activities

  • member editoreal board van Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal
  • associate editor Rheumatology

Fellowship and Awards

- 2007: Young investigator Meeting, Pediatric rheumatology European Society: Award for best basic abstract .

- 2014: Wilhelmina Research Fund (co-applicant), € 150 000 : Dissecting the complex role of S100-proteins in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

- 2015: ZonMW Rational Pharmacotherapy grant, € 340 000 : Biomarker guided treatment and stop strategy for rIL-1RA therapy in systemic JIA.

- 2016-2019: Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis Fonds, Rosenberg foundation / Vrienden WKZ (€340 000): Modulation of Treg in JIA by Nicotinamide. Principal Investigator, no overlap.

- 2016-2021: ZonMW grant, Rational Pharmacotherapy for implementation of biomarker guided tapering strategy of rIL-1RA in systemic JIA (€340 000 + €190 000 contribution Sobi). Principal Investigator, clinical trial, no overlap.

- 2017-2021: UCAN CAN DU: (8,0 mln Can$). Canada – Netherlands Personalized Medicine Network in Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatic diseases. Young Investigator, NL lead for laboratory studies within UCAN CAN DU. (PI: R. Yeung, NM Wulffraat, co-PI JF Swart, S. Benseler).   


Research Output (131)

Conserved human effector Treg cell transcriptomic and epigenetic signature in arthritic joint inflammation

Mijnheer Gerdien, Lutter Lisanne, Mokry Michal, van der Wal Marlot, Scholman Rianne, Fleskens Veerle, Pandit Aridaman, Tao Weiyang, Wekking Mark, Vervoort Stephin, Roberts Ceri, Petrelli Alessandra, Peeters Janneke G C, Knijff Marthe, de Roock Sytze, Vastert Sebastiaan, Taams Leonie S, van Loosdregt Jorg, van Wijk Femke Dec 2021, In: Nature Communications. 12 , p. 1-16

Genomic Health Literacy Interventions in Pediatrics:Scoping Review

Gupta Aarushi, Cafazzo Joseph A., IJzerman Maarten J., Swart Joost F., Vastert Sebastiaan, Wulffraat Nico M., Benseler Susanne, Marshall Deborah, Yeung Rae, Twilt Marinka Dec 2021, In: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 23

Pathogenesis and Treatment of Refractory Disease Courses in Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis:Refractory Arthritis, Recurrent Macrophage Activation Syndrome and Chronic Lung Disease

Erkens Remco, Esteban Ysabella, Towe Christopher, Schulert Grant, Vastert Sebastiaan Nov 2021, In: Rheumatic Disease Clinics of North America. 47 , p. 585-606 22 p.

Immunometabolic factors in adolescent chronic disease are associated with Th1 skewing of invariant Natural Killer T cells

Ververs Francesca, Engelen Suzanne, Nuboer Roos, Vastert SJ, van der Ent Kors , van 't Land Belinda, Garssen Johan, Monaco Claudia, Boes Marianne, Schipper Henk 11 Oct 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 11 p.

Evaluation of Real-World Healthcare Resource Utilization and Associated Costs in Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis:A Canadian Retrospective Cohort Study

Grazziotin Luiza R., Currie Gillian, Twilt Marinka, Ijzerman Maarten J., Kip Michelle M.A., Koffijberg Hendrik, Benseler Susanne M., Swart Joost F., Vastert Sebastiaan J., Wulffraat Nico M., Yeung Rae S.M., Johnson Nicole, Luca Nadia J., Miettunen Paivi M., Schmeling Heinrike, Marshall Deborah A., Sep 2021, In: Rheumatology and therapy. 8 , p. 1303-1322 20 p.

Definition and validation of serum biomarkers for optimal differentiation of hyperferritinaemic cytokine storm conditions in children:a retrospective cohort study

Kessel Christoph, Fall Ndate, Grom Alexei, de Jager Wilco, Vastert Sebastiaan, Strippoli Raffaele, Bracaglia Claudia, Sundberg Erik, Horne Anna Carin, Ehl Stephan, Ammann Sandra, Wouters Carine, Lehmberg Kai, De Benedetti Fabrizio, Park Carolin, Hinze Claas, Wittkowski Helmut, Kessel Katharina, Beutel Karin, Foell Dirk, Holzinger Dirk Aug 2021, In: The Lancet Rheumatology. 3 , p. e563-e573

Thrombotic Microangiopathy Associated with Macrophage Activation Syndrome:A Multinational Study of 23 Patients

Minoia Francesca, Tibaldi Jessica, Muratore Valentina, Gallizzi Romina, Bracaglia Claudia, Arduini Alessia, Comak Elif, Vougiouka Olga, Trauzeddel Ralf, Filocamo Giovanni, Mastrangelo Antonio, Micalizzi Concetta, Kasapcopur Ozgur, Unsal Erbil, Kitoh Toshiyuki, Tsitsami Elena, Kostik Mikhail, Schmid Jana Pachlopnik, Prader Seraina, Laube Guido, Maritsi Despoina, Jelusic Marija, Shenoi Susan, Vastert Sebastiaan, Ardissino Gianluigi, Cron Randy Q., Ravelli Angelo, Aug 2021, In: Journal of Pediatrics. 235 , p. 196-202 7 p.

ZFP36 family members regulate the pro-inflammatory features of psoriatic dermal fibroblasts

Angiolilli Chiara, Leijten Emmerik F A, Bekker Cornelis P J, Eeftink Ella, Giovannone Barbara, Nordkamp Michel Olde, van der Wal Marlot, Thijs Judith L, Vastert Sebastiaan J, van Wijk Femke, Radstake Timothy R D J, van Loosdregt Jorg 30 Jul 2021, In: Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 142 , p. 402-413 12 p.

Dutch patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals generate first nationwide research agenda for juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Verwoerd Anouk, Armbrust Wineke, Cowan Katherine, van den Berg Lotte, de Boer Joke, Bookelman Sanne, Britstra Marjan, Cappon Jeannette, Certan Maria, Dedding Christine, van den Haspel Karin, Muller Petra Hissink, Jongsma Karin, Lelieveld Otto, van Loosdregt Jorg, Olsder Wendy, Rocha Johanna, Schatorjé Ellen, Schouten Natasja, Swart Joost F., Vastert Sebastiaan, Walter Margot, Schoemaker Casper G. 7 Apr 2021, In: Pediatric Rheumatology. 19

Serum biomarkers confirming stable remission in inflammatory bowel disease

Kessel Christoph, Lavric Miha, Weinhage Toni, Brueckner Markus, de Roock Sytze, Däbritz Jan, Weber Jakob, Vastert Sebastiaan J., Foell Dirk Mar 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 , p. 1-10

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