drs. U.V.V. (Anne) Moorselaar-Stolk

drs. U.V.V. (Anne) Moorselaar-Stolk

Full Professor
drs. U.V.V. (Anne) Moorselaar-Stolk
  • Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Science & Sport
  • Revalidatie Medisch Volwassenen

Research Programs

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Prof Anne Visser-Meily is head of Research Centre of Excellence in Rehabilitation Medicine Utrecht; this is a collaboration between Brain Center  and De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation. The research focuses on 4 neurological diagnosis:  Stroke, ALS/SMA , Spinal Cord Injury and Cerebral Palsy and 4 themes: physical activity, cognition, care organisation and (family) empowerment.

Her research questions are very close to the clinical practice and daily life challenges of patients. Despite continuous improvements in medical care, many patients are left with residual physical or cognitive disability after the onset of their neurological condition. Patients and their families need to be able to effectively cope with the condition. Not only to manage persistent physical or cognitive disabilities and prevent secondary health conditions, but also to develop strategies to regain a productive and meaningful life, despite their disabilities.

She is a specialist in the care and research in family empowerment, neuropsychological stroke rehabilitation and neuromsusculair diseases shown by about 300 scientific publications.

Anne Visser-Meily was one of the researchers conducting the a)  large scale Fupro study into long term functioning and its prognostic factors of stroke patients and caregivers ( 2000-2005) and b) the ReStoRe4Stroke study, focusing on psychological determinants of participation of patients and caregiver (2010-2015) and c) Brain4Care study focusing on implementing an intervention aimed at optimizing and facilitation the transition to independent functioning home with emphasis on the patient –caregiver interaction (2015 – 2019).

She was president of the Education group of the Stroke Knowledge Network Netherlands.  She has been president of the Dutch Workgroup on Stroke for many years. She has been part of several committees developing guidelines for stroke patients and caregivers of stroke patients. She  is advisory member of the Brain Injury patient organization ( and writer of a column in their Magazine

She wass editorial board member of the Dutch Journal of Rehabilitation medicine and of Dutch journal of Medicine (NTVG)

Research line

Neurological rehabilitation

Publications : see pubmed




President of the Education group of the Stroke Knowledge Network Netherlands till 2021

President of the Dutch Workgroup on Stroke till 2015

Committee developing Guidelines for stroke patients and caregviers, Nederlandse Verenining van Neurologie, 2015- 

Editorial board of the Dutch Journal of Rehabiliation Medicine till 2018

Editorial board of the Dutcht Journal of Medicine till 2022

Advisory member of the Brain Injury organisation ( and writer of column in Hersenletsel Magazine, 2010 -  

Fellowship and Awards

1: AGIO-trofee Rehabilitation medicine for excellent research as a resident,  1992

2:  Clinical fellowship ZonMw rehabilitation programme, 2003

3:  Van Hoytema Award for promoting research in caregivers,  2005

4:  ZonMw Parel for  ‘Do it your self’  exercise guide for stroke patients, 2011

5:  Livit innovation award for the use of Activity Monitors in stroke rehabilitation, 2013

6. Zilveren balk: award for work for Dutch Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine

Research Output (328)

Discussing Personalized Prognosis Empowers Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis to Regain Control over Their Future:A Qualitative Study

van Eenennaam Remko M, Koppenol Loulou S, Kruithof Willeke J, Kruitwagen-van Reenen Esther T, Pieters Sotice, van Es Michael A, van den Berg Leonard H, Visser-Meily Johanna M A, Beelen Anita Dec 2021, In: Brain sciences. 11 , p. 1-16

Sleep problems in children with cerebral palsy and their parents

Hulst Raquel Y, Gorter Jan Willem, Voorman Jeanine M, Kolk Eveline, Van Der Vossen Sanne, Visser-Meily Johanna M A, Ketelaar Marjolijn, Pillen Sigrid, Verschuren Olaf 15 May 2021, In: Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. 63 , p. 1344-1350 7 p.

Pattern of muscle strength improvement after intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in multifocal motor neuropathy

Bakers Jaap N E, van Eijk Ruben P A, van den Berg Leonard H, Visser-Meily Johanna M A, Beelen Anita May 2021, In: Muscle & Nerve. 63 , p. 678-682 5 p.

Portable fixed dynamometry:towards remote muscle strength measurements in patients with motor neuron disease

Bakers Jaap N E, van den Berg Leonard H, Ajeks Toju G, Holleman Maxine J, Verhoeven Jill, Beelen Anita, Visser-Meily Johanna M A, van Eijk Ruben P A May 2021, In: Journal of Neurology. 268 , p. 1738-1746 9 p.

Translational Value of Skilled Reaching Assessment in Clinical and Preclinical Studies on Motor Recovery After Stroke

van Lieshout Eline C.C., Boonzaier Julia, Pel Adam J., van Heijningen Caroline L., Vink Jord J., Visser-Meily Johanna M.A., van Tilborg Geralda A.F., Dijkhuizen Rick M. May 2021, In: Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. 35 , p. 457-467 11 p.

The course of physical functioning in the first two years after stroke depends on peoples' individual movement behavior patterns

Wondergem Roderick, Pisters Martijn F, Wouters Eveline Jm, de Bie Rob A, Veenhof Cindy, Visser-Meily Johanna Ma 7 Apr 2021, In: International Journal of Stroke. 17 , p. 83-92 10 p.

Participation and autonomy in the first 10 months after diagnosis of ALS: a longitudinal study.

Kruitwagen-van Reenen Esther, van den Berg Leonard, Visser-Meilij JM Anne, Post Marcel, Scholten Eline, van Groenestijn AC 8 Mar 2021, In: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis & Frontotemporal Degeneration. 22 , p. 459-466 8 p.

Implementation and evaluation of an e-health innovation for personalized care for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS):protocol for a participatory action research study

Dontje M L, Kruitwagen-van Reenen E, Visser-Meily J M A, Beelen A, 25 Feb 2021, In: Implementation science communications. 2 , p. 1-11

Comparison between EQ-5D-5L and PROMIS-10 to evaluate health-related quality of life 3 months after stroke:a cross-sectional multicenter study

de Graaf Joris A, Visser-Meily Johanna M, Schepers Vera P, Baars Annette, Kappelle L Jaap, Passier Patricia E, Wermer Marieke J, de Wit Daniëlle C, Post Marcel W 15 Jan 2021, In: European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. 57 , p. 337-346 10 p.

Prediction of Cognitive Recovery after Stroke:The Value of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging-Based Measures of Brain Connectivity

Aben Hugo P., De Munter Leonie, Reijmer Yael D., Spikman Jacoba M., Visser-Meily Johanna M.A., Biessels Geert Jan, De Kort Paul L.M. 2021, In: Stroke. 52 , p. 1983-1992 10 p.

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