drs. ing. G.H.H. Knijff

drs. ing. G.H.H. Knijff

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drs. ing. G.H.H. Knijff
  • Dermatology and Allergology

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Infection & Immunity



Prof. dr. André C. Knulst is dermatologist and immunologist at the Department of Dermatology/Allergology of the UMC Utrecht. He heads the outpatient department of Allergology and  has a longstanding experience in diagnosis and treatment of patients with allergies, urticaria and angio-edema, with a particular interest in food allergy, urticaria and angio-edema. The Dept. of Dermatology/Allergology is a centre of expertise for eczema, food allergy and urticaria/angio-edema. Prof. Knulst is involved in the training of dermatologists, otolaryngologists, pediatric allergists, and clinical immunologists/internist-allergologists.

He also heads the allergy research. Within the UMC Utrecht there is a close collaboration with the department of Children’s Pulmonology and Allergology and the Center of Translational Immunology of the UMC Utrecht. His research focus is on patient profiling and improvement of food allergy diagnosis a.o. using component resolved diagnostics. He participated in many multicenter studies a.o. the EU sponsored SAFE, CREATE and Europrevall projects. Another research area of particular interest is the development of novel therapeutic options for food allergy. He was involved in the VIPES study on the efficacy and safety of epicutaneously administered peanut and the FAST study on the efficacy of subcutaneous immunotherapy using a hypoallergenic cod fish parvalbumin.


Side Activities

Member guideline committee immunotherapy

2018 → 2021

Giving lectures on epicutaneous immunotherapy for food allergy at company sponsored symposia by DBV


Member programme committee Hub Future Food Utrecht

2016 → …
Member DSMB ART study Friesland Campina

Health council advice food allergy


member ILSI Europe expert group ‘Prioritisation of allergenic foods with respect to public health relevance’

2015 → 2019

chair guideline chronic urticaria


vice chair guideline food provocations


international advisory board chronic urticaria Novartis

2012 → …

Advisory board immunotherapy ALK-ABELLO

2012 → …

Giving lectures on allergic diseases for general practitioners, otolaryngologists (in training), pediatricians (in training), immunologist-allergologists (in training), dermatologists (in training), also on the European and international level


Research Output (298)

Low dietary adherence after a positive food challenge in food allergic adults

Versluis Astrid, Le Thuy My, Erp Francine C.van, Blankestijn Mark A., Houben Geert F., Knulst André C., Os- Medendorp Harmieke van Feb 2022, In: Clinical and Translational Allergy. 12 , p. 1-9

Measurement of IgE to hazelnut allergen components cannot replace hazelnut challenge in Dutch adults

Lyons Sarah A, Welsing Paco M J, Hakobyan Mariam, Kansen Hannah M, Knol Edward F, Otten Henny G, van Ree Ronald, Knulst André C, Le Thuy-My 16 Nov 2021, In: Allergy. 77 , p. 1559-1569 11 p.

Diagnostic accuracy of Ara h 2 for detecting peanut allergy in children

Kansen Hannah M., van Erp Francine C., Meijer Yolanda, Gorissen Dianne M.W., Stadermann Marike, van Velzen Maartje F., Keusters Willem R., Frederix Geert W.J., Knulst André C., van der Cornelis K., Le Thuy My Aug 2021, In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 51 , p. 1069-1079 11 p.

Systemic and local evidence for complement involvement in chronic spontaneous urticaria

Alizadeh Aghdam Mehran, van den Elzen Mignon, van Os-Medendorp Harmieke, van Dijk Marijke R, Knol Edward F, Knulst André C, Röckmann Heike, Otten Henny G Jul 2021, In: Clinical and Translational Allergy. 11 , p. 1-8

Distinction between peanut allergy and tolerance by characterization of B-cell receptor repertoires

Ehlers Anna, den Hartog Jager CF, Knulst André C., Otten Henny G. 10 May 2021, In: Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 76 , p. 2753-2764 12 p.

Predicting the allergenicity of legume proteins using a PBMC gene expression assay

Smits Mark, Meijerink Marjolein, Le Thuy My, Knulst André, de Jong Aard, Caspers Martinus Petrus Maria, Lima Everton Souto, Babé Lilia, Ladics Gregory, McClain Scott, Houben Geert, Verhoeckx Kitty 13 Apr 2021, In: BMC Immunology. 22 , p. 1-12

Fructo-Oligosaccharides Modify Human DC Maturation and Peanut-Induced Autologous T-Cell Response of Allergic Patients In Vitro

Hayen Simone M., Knulst André C., Garssen Johan, Otten Henny G., Willemsen Linette E.M. 15 Feb 2021, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 11

Accidental food-allergic reactions are associated with higher costs and more sick leave but not with quality of life

Versluis Astrid, Knulst Andre C, Michelsen-Huisman Anouska D, Houben Geert F, Blom W Marty, Le Thuy-My, van Os-Medendorp Harmieke 1 Feb 2021, In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 51 , p. 627-630 4 p.

Identification and Purification of Novel Low-Molecular-Weight Lupine Allergens as Components for Personalized Diagnostics

Jappe Uta, Karstedt Arabella, Warneke Daniela, Hellmig Saskia, Böttger Marisa, Riffelmann Friedrich W, Treudler Regina, Lange Lars, Abraham Susanne, Dölle-Bierke Sabine, Worm Margitta, Wagner Nicola, Ruëff Franziska, Reese Gerald, Knulst André C, Becker Wolf-Meinhard 28 Jan 2021, In: Nutrients. 13 21 p.

Allergen labelling:Current practice and improvement from a communication perspective

Blom W Marty, van Dijk Liselotte M, Michelsen-Huisman Anouska, Houben Geert F, Knulst André C, Linders Yvette F M, Verhoeckx Kitty C M, Holleman Bregje C, Lentz Leo R 26 Jan 2021, In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 51 , p. 574-584 11 p.

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