dr. S.T.T. (Anita) Jooren

dr. S.T.T. (Anita) Jooren

Assistant Professor
dr. S.T.T. (Anita) Jooren
  • Utrecht Center for Research and Development of Health Professions Education



Johanna (Anita) C.G. Jacobs studied Medicine and graduated in 1990. Afterwards she worked in the Clinical Training Centre of the medical school of the Catholic University Nijmegen (the Netherlands). Inspired by enthusiastic colleagues she studied part-time Educational Sciences (also at the Catholic University Nijmegen) from 1996 to 2001 and combined this with her work in the Clinical Training Centre, later Dept. of Medical Education. At that time she also was a teacher at a school for vocational training, in the health domain. In 2004 she started to work at VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam. Her main tasks were curriculum innovation (in Medicine) and faculty development, esp. clinical educators in the undergraduate setting. From 2008-2015 she combined this with her PhD-research on teachers' conceptions of learning and teaching. Since February 2020 she works at the Expertise Centre of the Educational Dept. of UMC Utrecht.

Research Output (12)

Extending the use of the conceptions of learning and teaching (COLT) instrument to the postgraduate setting

Pacifico Jaime L, van Mook Walther N. K. A., Donkers Jeroen, Jacobs Johanna C.G. , van der Vleuten Cees P M, Heeneman Sylvia 7 Jan 2021, In: BMC Medical Education. 21 6 p.

An international study on teachers' conceptions of learning and teaching and corresponding teacher profiles

Jacobs Johanna C G, Wilschut Janneke, van der Vleuten Cees, Scheele Fedde, Croiset Gerda, Kusurkar Rashmi A 1 Sep 2020, In: Medical Teacher. 42 , p. 1000-1004 5 p.

Understanding teaching and learning conceptions among clinical faculty as a means to improve postgraduate training

Pacifico Jaime L, Donkers Jeroen, Jacobs Johanna, van der Vleuten Cees, Heeneman Sylvia 28 Aug 2020, In: International Journal of Medical Education. 11 , p. 175-185 11 p.

Teachers' conceptions of learning and teaching in student-centred medical curricula:the impact of context and personal characteristics

Jacobs Johanna C G, Van Luijk Scheltus J, van der Vleuten Cees P M, Kusurkar Rashmi A, Croiset Gerda, Scheele Fedde 21 Sep 2016, In: BMC Medical Education. 16 , p. 244

Impact of institute and person variables on teachers' conceptions of learning and teaching

Jacobs Johanna CG, Muijtjens Arno M M, Van Luijk Scheltus J, Van Der Vleuten Cees P M, Croiset Gerda, Scheele Fedde Aug 2015, In: Medical Teacher. 37 , p. 738-746 9 p.

Five teacher profiles in student-centred curricula based on their conceptions of learning and teaching

Jacobs Johanna C G, van Luijk Scheltus J, Galindo-Garre Francisca, Muijtjens Arno M M, van der Vleuten Cees P M, Croiset Gerda, Scheele Fedde 16 Oct 2014, In: BMC Medical Education. 14 , p. 220

Clinical teachers' views on how teaching teams deliver and manage residency training

Slootweg Irene, Lombarts Kiki, Van Der Vleuten Cees, Mann Karen, Jacobs Johanna, Scherpbier Albert 2013, In: Medical Teacher. 35 , p. 46-52 7 p.

Development of an instrument (the COLT) to measure conceptions on learning and teaching of teachers, in student-centred medical education

Jacobs Johanna C G, Van Luijk Scheltus, Van Berkel Henk, Van der Vleuten Cees P M , Croiset Gerda, Scheele Fedde 2012, In: Medical Teacher. 34 , p. e483-91

A framework of teaching competencies across the medical education continuum

Molenaar W M, Zanting A, van Beukelen P, de Grave W, Baane J A, Bustraan J A, Engbers R, Fick Th E, Jacobs Johanna, Vervoorn J M May 2009, In: Medical Teacher. 31 , p. 390-396 7 p.

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