drs. P. Guit

drs. P. Guit

Full Professor
  • Division of Heart & Lungs

Research Programs

Circulatory Health

Side Activities

  • Senior Lecturer for (online) courses on Pulmonary Vascular Diseases
  • Member Cure HHT Global Research and Medical Advisory Board
  • Editorial Board Neth. Heart Journal
  • Chairman CVOI course on "Pulmonary Hypertension"
  • Member International CTEPH Association
  • Steering committee PulmoCor, a Dutch PH registry
  • Member Scientific Committee ROW Research Foundation
  • Advisory Board J&J on PH
  • Advisory Board MSD on PH
  • Member Dutch Interdisciplinary Working Group on Pulmonary Vascular Disease
  • Member Working Group on Pulmonary Circulation and RV of the ESC
  • Member Dutch Working Group on ACHD (NVVC)
  • Member of the World Association for Sarcoidosis and Granulomatous disorders (WASOG)
  • Member European Association of CardioVascular Imaging
  • Fellow of the ESC 



Research Output (193)

The European Rare Disease Network for HHT Frameworks for management of hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia in general and speciality care

Shovlin C. L., Buscarini E., Sabbà C., Mager H. J., Kjeldsen A. D., Pagella F., Sure U., Ugolini S., Torring P. M., Suppressa P., Rennie C., Post M. C., Patel M. C., Nielsen T. H., Manfredi G., Lenato G. M., Lefroy D., Kariholu U., Jones B., Fialla A. D., Eker O. F., Dupuis O., Droege F., Coote N., Boccardi E., Alsafi A., Alicante S., Dupuis-Girod S. Jan 2022, In: European Journal of Medical Genetics. 65

Atrial shunt device for heart failure with preserved and mildly reduced ejection fraction (REDUCE LAP-HF II):a randomised, multicentre, blinded, sham-controlled trial

Shah Sanjiv J., Borlaug Barry A., Chung Eugene S., Cutlip Donald E., Debonnaire Philippe, Fail Peter, Gao Qi, Hasenfuß Gerd, Kahwash Rami, Kaye David M., Litwin Sheldon E., Lurz Philipp, Massaro Joseph M., Mohan Rajeev C., Ricciardi Mark J., Solomon Scott D., Sverdlov Aaron L., Swarup Vijendra, van Veldhuisen Dirk J., Winkler Sebastian, Leon Martin B., Akar Joseph, Ando Jiro, Anzai Toshihisa, Asakura Masanori, Bailey Steven, Basuray Anupam, Bauer Fabrice, Bergmann Martin, Blair John, Cavendish Jeffrey, Chung Eugene, Cikes Maja, Dauber Ira, Donal Erwan, Eicher Jean Christophe, Fail Peter, Flaherty James, Freixa Xavier, Gafoor Sameer, Gertz Zachary, Gordon Robert, Guazzi Marco, Guerrero-Miranda Cesar, Gupta Deepak, Gustafsson Finn, Hadadi Cyrus, Hakemi Emad, Handoko Louis, Post Martijn, 2022, In: The Lancet. 399 , p. 1130-1140 11 p.

Four-year survival rate in pulmonary sarcoidosis with extensive pulmonary hypertension screening

Huitema M. P., Mathijssen H., Bakker A. L.M., Mager J. J., van Houten L., Grutters J. C., Post M. C. 2022, In: Respiratory Medicine. 195 , p. 1-3

The usefulness of repeated CMR and FDG PET/CT in the diagnosis of patients with initial possible cardiac sarcoidosis

Mathijssen H., Tjoeng T. W.H., Keijsers R. G.M., Bakker A. L.M., Akdim F., van Es H. W., van Beek F. T., Veltkamp M. V., Grutters J. C., Post M. C. 20 Dec 2021, In: EJNMMI Research. 11 , p. 1-9

The use of echo density to quantify pulmonary right-to-left shunt in transthoracic contrast echocardiography

Kroon Steven, Van Thor Mitch C J, Vorselaars Veerle M M, Hosman Anna E, Swaans Martin J, Snijder Repke J, Mager Hans-Jurgen, Post Marco C 1 Oct 2021, In: European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging. 22 , p. 1190-1196 7 p.

Value of echocardiography using knowledge-based reconstruction in determining right ventricular volumes in pulmonary sarcoidosis: comparison with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging

Mathijssen H., Huitema M. P., Bakker A. L. M., Akdim F., Van Es H. W., Grutters J. C., Post M. C. Oct 2021, In: European heart journal. 42 , p. 89-89

The longitudinal use of EmPHasis-10 and CAMPHOR questionnaire health-related quality of life scores in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension and chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

Hendriks Paul M, van Thor Mitch C J, Wapenaar Monique, Chandoesing Prewesh, van den Toorn Leon M, van den Bosch Annemien E, Post Marco C, Boomars Karin A 29 Jun 2021, In: Respiratory Medicine. 186 7 p.

Effectiveness and safety of infliximab in cardiac Sarcoidosis

Bakker A. L.M., Mathijssen H., Azzahhafi J., Swaans M. J., Veltkamp M., Keijsers R. G.M., Akdim F., Post M. C., Grutters J. C. 1 May 2021, In: International Journal of Cardiology. 330 , p. 179-185 7 p.

Oral itraconazole for epistaxis in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia:a proof of concept study

Kroon S., Snijder R. J., Hosman A. E., Vorselaars V. M.M., Disch F. J.M., Post M. C., Mager J. J. May 2021, In: Angiogenesis. 24 , p. 379-386 8 p.

Idiopathic and hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia associated pulmonary arteriovenous malformations:comparison of clinical and radiographic characteristics

Kroon S., van den Heuvel D. A.F., Vos J. A., van Leersum M., van Strijen M. J.L., Post M. C., Mager J. J., Snijder R. J. May 2021, In: Clinical Radiology. 76 , p. 394.e1-394.e8

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