drs. R.S.S. (Teun P.) de Verberkt

drs. R.S.S. (Teun P.) de Verberkt

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Research Output (70)

Istaroxime treatment ameliorates calcium dysregulation in a zebrafish model of phospholamban R14del cardiomyopathy

Kamel S M, van Opbergen C J M, Koopman C D, Verkerk A O, Boukens B J D, de Jonge B, Onderwater Y L, van Alebeek E, Chocron S, Polidoro Pontalti C, Weuring W J, Vos M A, de Boer T P, van Veen T A B, Bakkers J 9 Dec 2021, In: Nature Communications. 12

The zebrafish grime mutant uncovers an evolutionarily conserved role for Tmem161b in the control of cardiac rhythm

Koopman Charlotte D., de Angelis Jessica, Iyer Swati P., Verkerk Arie O., Silva Jason Da, Berecki Geza, Jeanes Angela, Baillie Gregory J., Paterson Scott, Uribe Veronica, Ehrlich Ophelia V., Robinson Samuel D., Garric Laurence, Petrou Steven, Simons Cas, Vetter Irina, Hogan Benjamin M., de Boer Teun P., Bakkers Jeroen, Smith Kelly A. 2 Mar 2021, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 118 , p. 1-10

Is zebrafish heart regeneration "complete"?:Lineage-restricted cardiomyocytes proliferate to pre-injury numbers but some fail to differentiate in fibrotic hearts

Bertozzi Alberto, Wu Chi-Chung, Nguyen Phong D, Vasudevarao Mohankrishna Dalvoy, Mulaw Medhanie A, Koopman Charlotte D, de Boer Teun P, Bakkers Jeroen, Weidinger Gilbert Mar 2021, In: Developmental Biology. 471 , p. 106-118 13 p.

A nonlinear and time-dependent leak current in the presence of calcium fluoride patch-clamp seal enhancer

Lei Chon Lok, Fabbri Alan, Whittaker Dominic G., Clerx Michael, Windley Monique J., Hill Adam P., Mirams Gary R., de Boer Teun P. 2021, In: Wellcome Open Research. 5

Accounting for variability in ion current recordings using a mathematical model of artefacts in voltage-clamp experiments

Lei Chon Lok, Clerx Michael, Whittaker Dominic G., Gavaghan David J., de Boer Teun P., Mirams Gary R. 12 Jun 2020, In: Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences. 378 21 p.

Automated Dynamic Clamp for Simulation of I<sub>K1</sub> in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes in Real Time Using Patchliner Dynamite<sup>8</sup>

Becker Nadine, Horváth András, De Boer Teun, Fabbri Alan, Grad Christian, Fertig Niels, George Michael, Obergrussberger Alison 1 Mar 2020, In: Current protocols in pharmacology. 88

Required GK1 to Suppress Automaticity of iPSC-CMs Depends Strongly on IK1 Model Structure

Fabbri Alan, Goversen Birgit, Vos Marc A, van Veen Toon A B, de Boer Teun P 13 Sep 2019, In: Biophysical Journal. 117 , p. 2303-2315 13 p.

Introducing simulated IK1 into human iPSC-cardiomyocytes using dynamic clamp on an automated patch clamp system

Stoelzle-Feix Sonja, Becker Nadine, Obergrussberger Alison, de Boer Teun, Goversen Birgit, van Veen Toon A., Fertig Niels Sep 2019, In: Journal of pharmacological and toxicological methods. 99 2 p.

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