drs. Y.Z. (Peter) de Tiggelman

drs. Y.Z. (Peter) de Tiggelman

Associate Professor
  • Division Biomedical Genetics

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer

Research Output (9)

Targeted inhibition of metastatic melanoma through interference with Pin1-FOXM1 signaling

Kruiswijk F, Hasenfuss S. C., Sivapatham R., Baar Marjolein P., Putavet D., Naipal K. A T, van den Broek N.J.F., Kruit W., Spek P.J., Gent D.C., Brenkman A B, Campisi J., Burgering B M T, Hoeijmakers Jan H. J., de Keizer P L J 28 Apr 2016, In: Oncogene. 35 , p. 2166-77 12 p.

Forkhead box o as a sensor, mediator, and regulator of redox signaling.

de Keizer P.L.J., Burgering B.M.T., Dansen T.B. 2011, In: Antioxidants & redox signaling. 14 , p. 1093-1106 14 p.

Activation of forkhead box O transcription factors by oncogenic BRAF promotes p21cip1-dependent senescence

de Keizer P.L.J., Packer L.M., Szypowska A.A., Riedl-Polderman P.E., van den Broek N.J.F., de Bruin A., Dansen T.B., Marais R., Brenkman A.B., Burgering B.M.T. 2010, In: Cancer Research. 70 , p. 8526-8536 11 p.

The DNA damage repair protein Ku70 interacts with FOXO4 to coordinate a conserved cellular stress response.

Brenkman A.B., van den Broek N.J.F., de Keizer P.L.J., Gent D.C., Burgering B.M.T. 2010, In: FASEB Journal. 24 , p. 4271-4280 10 p.

Regulation of Forkhead BOX O tumor suppressors by Reactive Oxygen Species

de Keizer P.L.J. 23 Jun 2009, 144 p.

Redox-sensitive cysteines bridge p300/CBP-mediated acetylation and FoxO4 activity

Dansen T.B., Smits L.M.M., van Triest M.H., de Keizer P.L.J., van Leenen D., Koerkamp M.G., Szypowska A.A., Meppelink A., Brenkman A.B., Yodoi J., Holstege F.C.P., Burgering B.M.T. 2009, In: Nature Chemical Biology. 5 , p. 664-672 9 p.

The peptidyl-isomerase Pin1 regulates p27kip1 expression through inhibition of Forkhead box O tumor suppressors

Brenkman Arjan B., De Keizer Peter L J, Van Den Broek Niels J F, Van Groep Petra Der, Van Diest Paul J., Van Der Horst Armando, Smits Alida M M, Burgering Boudewijn M T 15 Sep 2008, In: Cancer Research. 68 , p. 7597-7605 9 p.

Mdm2 induces mono-ubiquitination of FOXO4.

Brenkman A.B., de Keizer P.L.J., van den Broek N.J.F., Jochemsen A.G., Burgering B.M.T. 2008, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 3 , p. e2819 1 p.

The peptidyl-isomerase Pin1 regulates p27kip1 expression though inhibition of Forkhead box O tumor suppressors.

Brenkman A.B., de Keizer P.L.J., van de Broek N.J., van der Groep P., van Diest P.J., van der Horst A.A., Smits A.M.M., Burgering B.M.T. 2008, In: Cancer Research. 68 , p. 7597-7605 9 p.

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