dr. B.C.C. (Aryan) Dalebout

dr. B.C.C. (Aryan) Dalebout

Assistant Professor - medical
dr. B.C.C. (Aryan) Dalebout
  • Department of Pathology

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Circulatory Health



After his medical training at the Free University in Amsterdam, Aryan Vink studied inflammation in atherosclerosis at the Laboratory for Experimental Cardiology of the UMC Utrecht which led to a thesis. Fascinated by the pathophysiology and microscopic world behind diseases he decided to become a pathologist and finished his residency in 2007. Currently he is a staff pathologist with special interest in Cardiovascular, Pulmonary and Autopsy pathology.

At the Pathology Department of UMC Utrecht we have one of the largest and best documented cardiac tissue biobanks of the world. Based on this cardiac tissue biobank the research of Aryan Vink focuses on the phenotype – genotype correlation in cardiomyopathies. In addition he works in close collaboration with researchers from the Hubrecht Laboratory to validate findings of basic myocardial research in human tissue from the biobank. Finally he is the consulting pathologist for the Athero-Express biobank.

On the topic of his other specialization, Pulmonary Pathology, he is involved in the continuous process of implementation of new diagnostic tests in lung cancer pathology to come to optimal personalized state-of-the-art treatment of lung cancer patients in the UMC Utrecht.


Research Output (186)

Multi-omics integration identifies key upstream regulators of pathomechanisms in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy due to truncating MYBPC3 mutations

Pei J, Schuldt M, Nagyova E, Gu Z, El Bouhaddani S, Yiangou L, Jansen M, Calis J J A, Dorsch L M, Blok C Snijders, van den Dungen N A M, Lansu N, Boukens B J, Efimov I R, Michels M, Verhaar M C, de Weger R, Vink A, van Steenbeek F G, Baas A F, Davis R P, Uh H W, Kuster D W D, Cheng C, Mokry M, van der Velden J, Asselbergs F W, Harakalova M Dec 2021, In: Clinical Epigenetics. 13 , p. 1-20

Ventricular TLR4 Levels Abrogate TLR2-Mediated Adverse Cardiac Remodeling upon Pressure Overload in Mice

Kessler Elise L., Wang Jiong Wei, Kok Bart, Brans Maike A., Nederlof Angelique, van Stuijvenberg Leonie, Huang Chenyuan, Vink Aryan, Arslan Fatih, Efimov Igor R., Lam Carolyn S.P., Vos Marc A., de Kleijn Dominique P.V., Fontes Magda S.C., van Veen Toon A.B. 1 Nov 2021, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 22 , p. 1-13

Can automatic image analysis replace the pathologist in cardiac allograft rejection diagnosis?

Veta Mitko, van Diest Paul J, Vink Aryan 21 Jun 2021, In: European heart journal. 42 , p. 2370-2372 3 p.

False-negative programmed death-ligand 1 immunostaining in ethanol-fixed endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration specimens of non-small-cell lung cancer patients

Koomen Bregje M, Vreuls Willem, de Boer Mirthe, de Ruiter Emma J, Hoelters Juergen, Vink Aryan, Willems Stefan M 8 Jun 2021, In: Histopathology. 79 , p. 480-490 11 p.

Impairment of the ER/mitochondria compartment in human cardiomyocytes with PLN p.Arg14del mutation

Cuello Friederike, Knaust Anika E, Saleem Umber, Loos Malte, Raabe Janice, Mosqueira Diogo, Laufer Sandra, Schweizer Michaela, van der Kraak Petra, Flenner Frederik, Ulmer Bärbel M, Braren Ingke, Yin Xiaoke, Theofilatos Konstantinos, Ruiz-Orera Jorge, Patone Giannino, Klampe Birgit, Schulze Thomas, Piasecki Angelika, Pinto Yigal, Vink Aryan, Hübner Norbert, Harding Sian, Mayr Manuel, Denning Chris, Eschenhagen Thomas, Hansen Arne 7 Jun 2021, In: Embo Molecular Medicine. 13 , p. 1-19

Donor-Derived Testicular Germ Cell Cancer in a Heart Transplant Recipient

Oerlemans Marish I.F.J., Groenewegen Gerard, Vink Aryan, van Laake Linda W., van der Kaaij Niels P., de Jonge Nicolaas Jun 2021, In: JACC: CardioOncology. 3 , p. 322-325 4 p.

Endomyocardial biopsy with co-localization of a lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma and AL amyloidosis

Leguit Roos J, Vink Aryan, de Jonge Nicolaas, Minnema Monique C, Oerlemans Marish I F 23 May 2021, In: Cardiovascular Pathology. 53 , p. 1-4

Correction to:Cardiac hypertrophy at autopsy

Basso Cristina, Michaud Katarzyna, d'Amati Giulia, Banner Jytte, Lucena Joaquin, Cunningham Kristopher, Leone Ornella, Vink Aryan, van der Wal Allard C, Sheppard Mary N, 14 May 2021, In: Virchows Archives. 479 , p. 95-95 1 p.

P62-positive aggregates are homogenously distributed in the myocardium and associated with the type of mutation in genetic cardiomyopathy

van der Klooster Zoë Joy, Sepehrkhouy Shahrzad, Dooijes Dennis, Te Rijdt Wouter P, Schuiringa Frederique S A M, Lingeman Jolanthe, van Tintelen Johannes Peter, Harakalova Magdalena, Goldschmeding Roel, Suurmeijer Albert J H, Asselbergs Folkert W, Vink Aryan 18 Feb 2021, In: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. 25 , p. 3160-3166 7 p.

The effect of tropomyosin variants on cardiomyocyte function and structure that underlie different clinical cardiomyopathy phenotypes

Dorsch Larissa M, Kuster Diederik W D, Jongbloed Jan D H, Boven Ludolf G, van Spaendonck-Zwarts Karin Y, Suurmeijer Albert J H, Vink Aryan, du Marchie Sarvaas Gideon J, van den Berg Maarten P, van der Velden Jolanda, Brundel Bianca J J M, van der Zwaag Paul A 15 Jan 2021, In: International Journal of Cardiology. 323 , p. 251-258 8 p.

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