drs. P.Q. (Patrick W.B.) Bulten

drs. P.Q. (Patrick W.B.) Bulten

Full Professor
drs. P.Q. (Patrick W.B.) Bulten
  • Department of Pathology

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer



Patrick Derksen (1970) obtained his PhD at the department of Pathology, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Following his graduation in 2003, he moved to the Netherlands Cancer Institute to study the consequences inactivation of cell-cell adhesion in breast cancer development and progression. Here he developed two mouse models for human invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC), by conditional and mammary-specific knockout of E-cadherin and p53. In 2005 he was awarded an independent researcher grant from the Dutch organization for scientific research (NWO-VENI) in 2005. In 2007, he joined the Medical Oncology department as an independent researcher and head of the UMCU Mouse Cancer Clinic. He received a NWO-VIDI award in 2008. In 2010 his position was tenured as an Associate Professor at the Department of Pathology.

His group is aiming at combining expertise on adhesion molecules, cell signaling and clinically relevant mouse models to study the downstream effectors of the adherens junction complex that propel breast cancer development and progression.

Research in the Derksen laboratory is currently sponsored by grants from NWO, KWF, H2020, STW and Breast Cancer Now.

Side Activities

Chair European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium (ELBCC)

Chair COST Action #19138 LOBSTERPOT

Scientific Advisory Board Member of the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA)

co-investigator POSEIDON-2-Lobular Clinical intervention trial

Fellowship and Awards

NWO-VENI 916.56.135. (2006)

AICR 07-585. (2007)

Pink Ribbon  Award (2008)

NWO-VIDI 016.096.318. (2009)

KWF-UU 2011-5230 (2011)

Stichting Vrienden UMC Utrecht (2011)

KWF UU 2013-5801 (2013)

KWF-UU 2014-7201 (2015)

Research Output (40)

Results of a worldwide survey on the currently used histopathological diagnostic criteria for invasive lobular breast cancer

De Schepper Maxim, Vincent-Salomon Anne, Christgen Matthias, Van Baelen Karen, Richard François, Tsuda Hitoshi, Kurozumi Sasagu, Brito Maria Jose, Cserni Gabor, Schnitt Stuart, Larsimont Denis, Kulka Janina, Fernandez Pedro Luis, Rodríguez-Martínez Paula, Olivar Ana Aula, Melendez Cristina, Van Bockstal Mieke, Kovacs Aniko, Varga Zsuzsanna, Wesseling Jelle, Bhargava Rohit, Boström Pia, Franchet Camille, Zambuko Blessing, Matute Gustavo, Mueller Sophie, Berghian Anca, Rakha Emad, van Diest Paul J., Oesterreich Steffi, Derksen Patrick W.B., Floris Giuseppe, Desmedt Christine 2022, In: Modern Pathology.

Atlas of Lobular Breast Cancer Models:Challenges and Strategic Directions

Sflomos George, Schipper Koen, Koorman Thijs, Fitzpatrick Amanda, Oesterreich Steffi, Lee Adrian V, Jonkers Jos, Brunton Valerie G, Christgen Matthias, Isacke Clare, Derksen Patrick W B, Brisken Cathrin 1 Nov 2021, In: Cancers. 13

Lobular breast cancer:Histomorphology and different concepts of a special spectrum of tumors

Christgen Matthias, Cserni Gábor, Floris Giuseppe, Marchio Caterina, Djerroudi Lounes, Kreipe Hans, Derksen Patrick W.B., Vincent-Salomon Anne 1 Aug 2021, In: Cancers. 13 , p. 1-34 34 p.

Global transcriptional analysis identifies a novel role for SOX4 in tumor-induced angiogenesis

Vervoort Stephin J., de Jong Olivier G., Guy Roukens M., Frederiks Cynthia L., Vermeulen Jeroen F., Lourenço Ana Rita, Bella Laura, Vidakovic Ana Tufegdzic, Sandoval José L., Moelans Cathy, van Amersfoort Miranda, Dallman Margaret J., Bruna Alejandra, Caldas Carlos, Nieuwenhuis Edward, van der Wall Elsken, Derksen Patrick, van Diest Paul, Verhaar Marianne C., Lam Eric W.F., Mokry Michal, Coffer Paul J. 3 Dec 2018, In: eLife. 7

E-cadherin loss induces targetable autocrine activation of growth factor signalling in lobular breast cancer

Teo Katy, Gómez-Cuadrado Laura, Tenhagen Milou, Byron Adam, Rätze Max, van Amersfoort Miranda, Renes Jojanneke, Strengman Eric, Mandoli Amit, Singh Abhishek A., Martens Joost H., Stunnenberg Hendrik G., van Diest Paul J., Brunton Valerie G., Derksen Patrick W.B. 1 Dec 2018, In: Scientific Reports. 8

Re-inforcing the cell death army in the fight against breast cancer

Oudenaarden Clara R L, van de Ven Robert A H, Derksen Patrick W B 23 Aug 2018, In: Journal of Cell Science. 131

αE-catenin is a candidate tumor suppressor for the development of E-cadherin-expressing lobular-type breast cancer

de Groot Jolien S., Ratze Max A.K., van Amersfoort Miranda, Eisemann Tanja, Vlug Eva J., Niklaas Mijanou T., Chin Suet Feung, Caldas Carlos, van Diest Paul J., Jonkers Jos, de Rooij Johan, Derksen Patrick W.B. 1 Aug 2018, In: Journal of Pathology. 245 , p. 456-467 12 p.

FOXO transcription factors both suppress and support breast cancer progression

Hornsveld Marten, Smits Lydia M.M., Meerlo Maaike, Van Amersfoort Miranda, Groot Koerkamp Marian J.A., van Leenen Dik, Kloet David E.A., Holstege Frank C.P., Derksen Patrick W.B., Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Dansen Tobias B. 1 May 2018, In: Cancer Research. 78 , p. 2356-2369 14 p.

E-Cadherin/ROS1 Inhibitor Synthetic Lethality in Breast Cancer

Bajrami Ilirjana, Marlow Rebecca, van de Ven Marieke, Brough Rachel, Pemberton Helen N, Frankum Jessica, Song Feifei, Rafiq Rumana, Konde Asha, Krastev Dragomir B, Menon Malini, Campbell James, Gulati Aditi, Kumar Rahul, Pettitt Stephen J, Gurden Mark D, Cardenosa Marta Llorca, Chong Irene, Gazinska Patrycja, Wallberg Fredrik, Sawyer Elinor J, Martin Lesley-Ann, Dowsett Mitch, Linardopoulos Spiros, Natrajan Rachael, Ryan Colm J, Derksen Patrick W B, Jonkers Jos, Tutt Andrew N J, Ashworth Alan, Lord Christopher J Apr 2018, In: Cancer Discovery. 8 , p. 498-515 18 p.

Prophylaxis of hereditary breast cancer

de Groot Jolien S., van Diest Paul J., Derksen Patrick W.B. 1 Dec 2017, In: Aging. 9 , p. 2453-2454 2 p.

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