prof. dr. R. (Jan) Benneker

prof. dr. R. (Jan) Benneker

Full Professor
prof. dr. R. (Jan) Benneker
  • Medische Microbiologie
  • Julius Center Research Program Infectious Diseases

Research Programs

Infection & Immunity



Jan Kluytmans did his medical training as well as specialization in Clinical Microbiology at Erasmus Medical University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The title of his PhD thesis in 1996, was: Nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus: the key to preventing staphylococcal disease. 

His scientific career focuses on the epidemiology and control of nosocomial infections, with a special interest in Staphylococcus aureus, surgical site infections and antimicrobial resistance. He has been involved in many national and international guidelines on infection control, especially those dealing with the control of MRSA and the prevention of surgical site infections. In 2006 he was appointed as Professor of Medical Microbiology and Infection Control at the VU university medical center in Amsterdam. In 2014 he moved to the University Medical Center Utrecht, Julius Center, where he leads several work packages within the Combacte program. In 2017 he was appointed as Professor of epidemiology of Healthcare-related infections.

Until July 2021 he worked in the Amphia Hospital in Breda/Oosterhout and St. Elisabeth Hospital and TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg as a consultant Microbiologist.

Since October 2021 he is head of the department of medical Microbiology at the UMC Utrecht.

He has more than 300 papers in peer-reviewed journals and given more than 500 presentations and lectures.


Side Activities

Editorial Board Member of PLOS ONE (no financial reimbursement)

Member of the national Outbreak Management Team (Reimbursement for the attendance of meetings)



Research Output (160)

Experimental and field investigations of exposure, replication and transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in pigs in the Netherlands

Sikkema Reina S., Tobias Tijs, Oreshkova Nadia, de Bruin Erwin, Okba Nisreen, Chandler Felicity, Hulst Marcel M., Rodon Jordi, Houben Manon, van Maanen Kees, Bultman Hans, Meester Marina, Gerhards Nora M., Bouwknegt Martijn, Urlings Bert, Haagmans Bart, Kluytmans Jan, GeurtsvanKessel Corine H., van der Poel Wim H.M., Koopmans Marion P.G., Stegeman Arjan 31 Dec 2022, In: Emerging Microbes and Infections. 11 , p. 91-94 4 p.

Tracing the origins of antibiotic resistance

Vandenbroucke-Grauls Christina M J E, Kluytmans Jan A J W 2022, In: Nature Medicine. 28 , p. 638-640 3 p.

Genetic analysis of plasmid-encoded mcr-1 resistance in Enterobacteriaceae derived from poultry meat in the Netherlands

Jamin Casper, Sanders Bazante K, Zhou Miaomiao, Costessi Adalberto, Duijsings Danny, Kluytmans Jan A J W, van Alphen Lieke B, Schrauwen Eefje J A Dec 2021, In: JAC-antimicrobial resistance. 3

SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in employees working in non-medical contact-intensive professions in the Netherlands:Baseline data from the prospective COco-study

Mioch Dymphie, Kuiper Sandra, van den Bijllaardt Wouter, van Jaarsveld Cornelia H M, Kluytmans Jan, Lodder Esther, Wissing Michel D, Dec 2021, In: Preventive Medicine Reports. 24 , p. 1-8

Feedback of ATP measurement as a tool for reducing environmental contamination in hospitals in the Dutch/Belgian border area

Van Arkel Andreas, Willemsen Ina, Kilsdonk-Bode Linda, Vlamings-Wagenaars Sindy, Van Oudheusden Anne, De Waegemaeker Pascal, Leroux-Roels Isabel, Verelst Martine, Maas Evelien, Van Oosten Anita, Willemse Patricia, Van Asselen Esther, Klomp-Berens Ella, Franssen Karen, Van Cauwenberg Elise, Schweitzer Valentijn, Kluytmans Jan 1 Nov 2021, In: International Journal for Quality in Health Care. 33 , p. 1-5

National surveillance pilot study unveils a multicenter, clonal outbreak of VIM-2-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa ST111 in the Netherlands between 2015 and 2017

Pirzadian Jannette, Persoon Marjolein C., Severin Juliëtte A., Klaassen Corné H.W., de Greeff Sabine C., Mennen Marcel G., Schoffelen Annelot F., Wielders Cornelia C.H., Witteveen Sandra, van Santen-Verheuvel Marga, Schouls Leo M., Vos Margreet C., Bode L., Troelstra A., Notermans D. W., Maijer-Reuwer A., Leversteijn-van Hall M. A., Kluytmans J. A.J.W., Spijkerman I. J.B., van Dijk K., Halaby T., Zwart B., Diederen B. M.W., Voss A., Dorigo-Zetsma J. W., Ott A., Oudbier J. H., van der Vusse M., Vlek A. L.M., Buiting A. G.M., Paltansing S., de Man P., van Griethuysen A. J., den Reijer M., van Trijp M., van Elzakker E. P.M., Muller A. E., van der Linden M. P.M., van Rijn M., Wolfhagen M. J.H.M., Waar K., Schneeberger P., Silvis W., Schulin T., van Mens S. P., Cohen Stuart J. W.T., Sinnige J. C., Stam A., de Jong E., Heikens E., 25 Oct 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 10 p.

Increasing the Efficiency of a National Laboratory Response to COVID-19:a Nationwide Multicenter Evaluation of 47 Commercial SARS-CoV-2 Immunoassays by 41 Laboratories

Van den Beld Maaike J.C., Murk Jean Luc, Kluytmans Jan, Koopmans Marion P.G., Reimerink Johan, van Loo Inge H.M., Wegdam-Blans Marjolijn C.A., Zaaijer Hans, GeurtsvanKessel Corine, Reusken Chantal Sep 2021, In: Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 59 , p. 1-14

The correlation between ATP measurement and microbial contamination of inanimate surfaces

van Arkel Andreas, Willemsen Ina, Kluytmans Jan 6 Aug 2021, In: Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control. 10

Esbl-producing, carbapenem-and ciprofloxacin-resistant escherichia coli in belgian and dutch broiler and pig farms:A cross-sectional and cross-border study

De Koster Sien, Ringenier Moniek, Lammens Christine, Stegeman Arjan, Tobias Tijs, Velkers Francisca, Vernooij Hans, Kluytmans-Van Den Bergh Marjolein, Kluytmans Jan, Dewulf Jeroen, Goossens Herman, 4 Aug 2021, In: Antibiotics [E]. 10

Performance of the Diasorin SARS-CoV-2 antigen detection assay on the LIAISON XL

Van der Moeren N., Zwart V. F., Goderski G., Rijkers G. T., van den Bijllaardt W., Veenemans J., Kluytmans J. A.J.W., Pas S. D., Meijer A., Verweij J. J., Murk J. L.A.N., Stohr J. J.J.M. Aug 2021, In: Journal of Clinical Virology. 141 , p. 1-5

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