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Group Leusen

Group Leusen

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For the past 20 years the Leusen group has investigated antibodies and Fc receptors, with a focus on IgA as a novel strategy for cancer immunotherapy. Fundamental research on the mode-of action of antibodies is combined with pre-clinical research for therapeutic applications. Next to this, targeting complement and its therapeutic application is another line of research within the Leusen lab.

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Group leader

dr. J.H.W. Leusen Associate Professor


Geert van Tetering

Kevin Budding

Research technicians

Marco Jansen (senior)

Maaike Nederend

Petra Moerer

Kim Dijkxhoorn

Lauri Bloemenkamp (neurology)

Elisabeth de Zeeuw

PhD students

Mitchell Evers

Marjolein Stip

Arthur van Stigt (paediatrics)

Chilam Chan

Student assistant

Frederique van den Haak


Corine Pleijte (honours student MED)

JiaLi Zheng (master)

Kunal Reshamwala (master)

Key publications uitklapper, klik om te openen

  1. Logtenberg MEW, Jansen JHM, Raaben M, Toebes M, Franke K, Brandsma AM, Matlung HL, Fauster A, Gomez-Eerland R, Bakker NAM, van der Schot S, Marijt KA, Verdoes M, Haanen JBAG, van den Berg JH, Neefjes J, van den Berg TK, Brummelkamp TR, Leusen JHW*, Scheeren FA*, Schumacher TN*. Glutaminyl cyclase is an enzymatic modifier of the CD47- SIRPα axis and a target for cancer immunotherapy. Nat Med. 2019 Apr;25(4):612-619. doi: 10.1038/s41591-019-0356-z. Epub 2019 Mar 4. PMID: 30833751 View
  2. Brandsma AM, Schwartz SL, Wester MJ, Valley CC, Blezer GLA, Vidarsson G, Lidke KA, Ten Broeke T, Lidke DS, Leusen JHW. Mechanisms of inside-out signaling of the high-affinity IgG receptor FcγRI. Sci Signal. 2018 Jul 24;11(540). pii: eaaq0891. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.aaq0891. PMID: 30042128 View
  3. Lohse S, Meyer S, Meulenbroek LA, Jansen JH, Nederend M, Kretschmer A, Klausz K, Möginger U, Derer S, Rösner T, Kellner C, Schewe D, Sondermann P, Tiwari S, Kolarich D, Peipp M, Leusen JH,  Valerius T. An Anti-EGFR IgA That Displays Improved Pharmacokinetics and Myeloid Effector Cell Engagement In Vivo. Cancer Res. 2016 Jan 15;76(2):403-17. doi:      10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-15-1232. Epub 2015 Dec 3. View
  4. Brandsma AM, Ten Broeke T, Nederend M, Meulenbroek LA, van Tetering G, Meyer S, Jansen JH, Beltrán Buitrago MA,  Nagelkerke SQ, Németh I, Ubink R, Rouwendal G, Lohse S, Valerius T, Leusen JH, Boross P. Simultaneous Targeting of FcγRs and FcαRI Enhances Tumor Cell Killing. Cancer Immunol Res. 2015 Dec;3(12):1316-24. doi: 10.1158/2326-6066.CIR-15-0099-T. Epub 2015 Sep 25.  View
  5. P. Boross, S. Lohse, M. Nederend, J.H.M. Jansen, G. van Tetering, M. Dechant, M. Peipp, L. Royle, L.P. Liew, L. Boon, N. van Rooijen, W.K. Bleeker, P.W. Parren, J.G.J. van de Winkel, T. Valerius, J.H.W. Leusen. IgA EGFR antibodies mediate tumour killing in vivo. EMBO Mol Med 2013 8:1213-1226. View

Fc receptors regulatory mechanisms and function in antibody therapy

Arianne Brandsma


Antibody-mediated immunity against viral respiratory infections

Shamir Jacobino


Intriguing good Alternative antibody therapy for solid and hematological cancers

Saskia Meyer


Functional characterization of the high affinity IgG Receptor : making heads and tails of FcγRI

Cees van der Poel


Grants uitklapper, klik om te openen

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Collaborations uitklapper, klik om te openen


  • Thomas Valerius, University of Kiel, Germany
  • Friederike Meyer-Wentrup, lymphoma and neuroblastoma
  • Meyaard group, tumor models
  • Kuball group, antibodies
  • Bont group, RSV and human milk
  • Peperzak group
  • Ton Schumacher, NKI CD47 block
  • Timo van den Berg/ Hanke Matlung, Sanquin,SIRPa
  • ...


  • TigaTx
  • Argenx
  • Synthon
  • Nutricia
  • Modiquest
  • Genmab
  • ...

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24 Jul 2017: Villa Joep financiert nieuw onderzoek

Education & Courses uitklapper, klik om te openen

11-12-13-14 November 2019 - Translational Immuno-oncology for PhD candidates: cancer & immune therapies from bench to bedside

Organizers: Yvonne Vercoulen and Jeanette Leusen

With this course we will bring a unique platform for students from 3 different PhD programs: Clinical & Translational Oncology, Infection and Immunity, Cancer Stem Cells & Development, to meet and learn from each other’s expertise.

The course will focus on Immuno-oncology, both on tumor effects on the immune system, and immune therapies. Both existing therapies, and novel therapies still under development or in trials will be discussed.

Students will be taught on the subject by medical specialists and scientists and will be challenged to work with their colleagues from another expertise to find solutions for a clinical or experimental problem.

Research programs uitklapper, klik om te openen

Infection and Immunity


Child Health

Research interests uitklapper, klik om te openen

Next generation therapeutic antibodies

Fc receptors

Innate effector cells



Complement targeting

Lung viruses 

Contact uitklapper, klik om te openen

Jeanette Leusen


Phone +31 88 75 542 68


Center for Translational Immunology

University Medical Center Utrecht

Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX Utrecht. Room H02.315

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