dr. K.P.M. (Karin) van Galen

dr. K.P.M. (Karin) van Galen

Assistant Professor - medical
dr. K.P.M. (Karin) van Galen
  • Hematology/Van Creveldclinic

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Child Health



After graduating in medicine, Mrs. Karin van Galen was trained in the field of internal medicine. She completed her specialisation as a hematologist in 2011 after which she was appointed as Consultant Hematologist at the Department Van Creveldkliniek of the UMC Utrecht. Here she has expanded her clinical experience in the treatment of patients with benign hematological conditions. In addition to patient care Karin van Galen finished a PhD project on joint bleeding in Von Willebrand disease in November 2017 and currently participates in several (inter)national studies on congenital bleeding disorders. Currently she is a board member of the Dutch national society for haemophilia treating physicians, runs a post-doc research project on pregnancy in inherited bleeding disorders, (co)supervises two PhD students and a frequently invited (inter)national speaker on von Willebrand disease and woman with bleeding disorders. 

Research Output (64)

Importance of Genotyping in von Willebrand Disease to Elucidate Pathogenic Mechanisms and Variability in Phenotype

Atiq Ferdows, Boender Johan, Van Heerde Waander L., Tellez Garcia Juan M., Schoormans Selene C., Krouwel Sandy, Cnossen Marjon H., Laros-Van Gorkom Britta A.P., De Meris Joke, Fijnvandraat Karin, Van Der Bom Johanna G., Meijer Karina, Van Galen Karin P.M., Eikenboom Jeroen, Leebeek Frank W.G. 11 Jun 2022, In: HemaSphere. 6 , p. 1-8

Social participation is reduced in type 3 Von Willebrand disease patients and in patients with a severe bleeding phenotype

Kempers Eva K, van Kwawegen Calvin B, de Meris Joke, Schols Saskia E M, van Galen Karin P M, Meijer Karina, Cnossen Marjon H, van der Bom Johanna G, Fijnvandraat Karin, Eikenboom Jeroen, Atiq Ferdows, Leebeek Frank W G, Mar 2022, In: Haemophilia. 28 , p. 278-285 8 p.

Checklist Individual Strength to measure severe fatigue in immune thrombocytopenia

van Dijk Wobke E.M., Penson Adriaan, Kuijlaars Isolde A.R., Suijker Monique, van Galen Karin P.M., Knoop Hans, Schutgens Roger E.G. 2022, In: British Journal of Haematology. 197 , p. e41-e44

A qualitative study on the experiences of haemophilia carriers before, during and after pregnancy

Punt Marieke C., Teela Lorynn, Fischer Kathelijn, Bloemenkamp Kitty W.M., Lely A. Titia, Driessens Mariette H.E., Pekel Lynnda, Haverman Lotte, van Galen Karin P.M. Nov 2021, In: Haemophilia. 27 , p. e675-e682

Dentoalveolar Procedures in Immune Thrombocytopenia; Systematic Review and an Institutional Guideline

van Dijk Wobke E M, van Es Robert J J, Correa Maria E P, Schutgens Roger E G, van Galen Karin P M Oct 2021, In: TH open : companion journal to thrombosis and haemostasis. 5 , p. e489-e502

European principles of care for women and girls with inherited bleeding disorders

van Galen Karin, Lavin Michelle, Skouw-Rasmussen Naja, Fischer Kathelijn, Noone Declan, Pollard Debra, Mauser-Bunschoten Eveline, Khair Kate, Gomez Keith, van Loon Ellen, Bagot Catherine N, Elfvinge Petra, d'Oiron Roseline, Abdul-Kadir Rezan, Sep 2021, In: Haemophilia. 27 , p. 837-847 11 p.

A new hemophilia carrier nomenclature to define hemophilia in women and girls:Communication from the SSC of the ISTH

van Galen Karin P.M., d’Oiron Roseline, James Paula, Abdul-Kadir Rezan, Kouides Peter A., Kulkarni Roshni, Mahlangu Johnny N., Othman Maha, Peyvandi Flora, Rotellini Dawn, Winikoff Rochelle, Sidonio Robert F. Aug 2021, In: Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 19 , p. 1883-1887 5 p.

Perioperative pharmacokinetic-guided factor VIII concentrate dosing in haemophilia (OPTI-CLOT trial):an open-label, multicentre, randomised, controlled trial

van Moort Iris, Preijers Tim, Bukkems Laura H., Hazendonk Hendrika C.A.M., van der Bom Johanna G., Laros-van Gorkom Britta A.P., Beckers Erik E.A.M., Nieuwenhuizen Laurens, van der Meer Felix J.M., Ypma Paula, Coppens Michiel, Fijnvandraat Karin, Schutgens Roger E.G., Meijer Karina, Leebeek Frank W.G., Mathôt Ron A.A., Cnossen Marjon H., Schutgens Roger E.G., Fischer Kathelijne, Van Galen Karin P.M., Jul 2021, In: The Lancet Haematology. 8 , p. e492-e502

Population pharmacokinetics of the von Willebrand factor-factor VIII interaction in patients with von Willebrand disease

Bukkems Laura H., Heijdra J. M., de Jager Nico C.B., Hazendonk H. C.A.M., Fijnvandraat Karin, Meijer Karina, Eikenboom Jeroen C.J., Laros-Van Gorkom Britta A.P., Leebeek Frank W.G., Cnossen Marjon H., Mathôt Ron A.A., Coppens K. F.M., Kruip M. J.H.A., Polinder S., Lock J., Hazendonk H. C.A.M., van Moort I., Heijdra J. M., Goedhart M. C.H.J., Al Arashi W., Preijers T., Cloesmeijer M. E., Janssen A., Tamminga R. Y.J., Brons P., Schols S. E.M., Schutgens R. E.G., Fischer K., van Galen K. P.M., Beckers E. A.M., Heubel-Moenen F. C.J.I., Nieuwenhuizen L., Ypma P., Driessens M. H.E., Zwaan M., van Vliet I., Collins P. W., Liesner R., Chowdary P., Millar C. M., Hart D., Keeling D., 9 Mar 2021, In: Blood Advances. 5 , p. 1513-1522 10 p.

Major differences in clinical presentation, diagnosis and management of men and women with autosomal inherited bleeding disorders

Atiq F., Saes J. L., Punt M. C., van Galen K. P.M., Schutgens R. E.G., Meijer K., Cnossen M. H., Laros-Van Gorkom B. A.P., Peters M., Nieuwenhuizen L., Kruip M. J.H.A., de Meris J., van der Bom J. G., van der Meer F. J.M., Fijnvandraat K., Kruis I. C., van Heerde W. L., Eikenboom H. C.J., Leebeek Frank W.G., Schols S. E.M., Feb 2021, In: EClinicalMedicine. 32 , p. 1-8

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