prof. dr. P.J. (Paul J.) van Diest

prof. dr. P.J. (Paul J.) van Diest

Full Professor
prof. dr. P.J. (Paul J.) van Diest
  • Department of Pathology

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer



Paul J van Diest has been a dedicated cancer researcher since the start of his career, obtaining numerous grants a.o. from the NIH and the Dutch Cancer Society. He studied Medicine, did his PhD and pathology residency at the VU University medical center (VUMC) in Amsterdam. After obtaining his Board certification in Pathology in 1996, he became Consultant Pathologist at the Department of Pathology of the VUMC. In 1999 he was appointed Associate Professor and in 2001 to full Professor. In 2003 he moved to Utrecht to become Head of the Department of Pathology at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) where he is currently still working. He is Adjunct Professor of Oncology at the Sidney Kimmel Oncology Center at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA. He serves on the editorial board of >20 international journals. He has been active in the board as secretary and president of several international societies. He has published >700 papers in peer reviewed journals, personally supervised 70 PhD theses, and has an H-index of 66. The main theme of his research is finding ways for prevention, optimized diagnosis and cure of breast cancer, both the male and female forms. He is also active in the field of implementing digital pathology.

Side Activities

From all these activitites for the UMC Utrecht  there never is personal income, or - if there is a fee - it is for the department of pathology of Utrecht.

Adjunct Professor of Oncology, Sidney Kimmel Oncology Center at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA

Member of the Digital Pathology advisory board of PAIGE.

Editorial board activities

World Journal of Surgical Procedures      

Member of the Editorial Board of Recent Patents on Biomarkers

Member of the Editorial Board of the Chinese Journal of Clinicians

Associate editor of BMC Cancer

Member of the Editorial Board of Pathology Research International

Member of the Editorial Board of The Open Plastic Surgery Journal

Member of the Editorial Board of The Open Prostate Journal

Member of the Editorial Board of Laboratory Investigation

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research

Member of the Editorial Board of Biotechnic and Histochemistry

Member of the Editorial Board of Analytical and Quantitative Cytology and Histology

Academic Editor of PlosOne

Associate editor of the Journal of Case Reports in Medicine

Member of the Editorial Board of World Journal of Medical Genetics

Member of the Editorial Board of World Journal of Clinical Urology

Member of the Editorial Board of World Journal of Surgical Procedures

Member of the Editorial Board of Current Biomarker Findings


Advisory boards


2005-               Member of the breast cancer advisory board of Astra Zenica

2008-               Member of the Digital Pathology advisory board of Philips.

2013-               Member of the Advisory Council of the Breast Cancer Society Netherlands (BVN)

2014-               Member of the advisory board of PathXL

2015-               Member of the advisory board of Sectra

Invited Speaker on (Inter)National Meetings 121 in 2003-2019: 1 only 2018-9 below for brevity reasons



  1. Sol Goldman Think-Tank Meeting on Artificial Intelligence as Applied to Pancreatic Cancer. Baltimore, MD, USA, April 16, 2018. Invited speaker.

  2. 11th joint meeting of the British Division of the International Academy of Pathology and the Pathological Society of Great Britain & Ireland. Maastricht, The Netherlands, June 19-22 2018. Invited speaker.

  3. 30th European Congress of Pathology, Bilbao, Spain, September 8-12, 2018. Invited speaker.

  4. Hans Peterse Lecture at the NKI breast cancer symposium 2018. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 31, 2018. Invited speaker.

  5. Digital pathology in daily practice: The current status and the future. Utrecht, The Netherlands, November 2 2018. Organizer, speaker.

  6. 84th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Pathology. Lugano, Switzerland, November 10, 2018. Invited speaker.




  7. European Congress of Radiology. Vienna, Austria, Febuary 27-March 3, 2019. Invited speaker.

  8. Artificial Intelligence in 2019: Where we are now. London UK, March 22, 2019. Invited speaker.

  9. 1e Wad 'n Workshop: Mammacarcinoom, Terschelling, The Netherlands, March 24-26. Invited speaker.

  10. European Working Group of Breast Screening Pathologists. Dublin, Ireland, March 29 2019. Invited speaker.

  11. Pathology week. Veenendaal, The Netherlands, April 9-12. Invited speaker.

  12. 5th Digital Pathology & AI congress: USA. NYC, NY, USA. June 13-14, 2019. Invited speaker

Yearly lectures 

1 NVvO Dutch Society of Oncology

2 ODDP, Oncology Drug Development in Practice

3 University of Siena

Contract research

OncoMark Ltd. Dublin, Ireland, Euro 15,000

Samantree Medical SA, Lausanne, Switzerland, Euro 18.000

Fellowship and Awards

Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)

Health Care Efficiency Research Programme of The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw)

Research Output (975)

Dynamic Contrast-enhanced and Diffusion-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Response Evaluation After Single-Dose Ablative Neoadjuvant Partial Breast Irradiation

Vasmel Jeanine E., Groot Koerkamp Maureen L., Mandija Stefano, Veldhuis Wouter B., Moman Maaike R., Froeling Martijn, van der Velden Bas H.M., Charaghvandi Ramona K., Vreuls Celien P.H., van Diest Paul J., van Leeuwen A. M.Gijs, van Gorp Joost, Philippens Marielle E.P., van Asselen Bram, Lagendijk Jan J.W., Verkooijen Helena M., van den Bongard H. J.G.Desirée, Houweling Antonetta C. 1 Mar 2022, In: Advances in Radiation Oncology. 7 , p. 1-11

Validation of digital microscopy: Review of validation methods and sources of bias

Bertram Christof A., Stathonikos Nikolas, Donovan Taryn A., Bartel Alexander, Fuchs-Baumgartinger Andrea, Lipnik Karoline, van Diest Paul J., Bonsembiante Federico, Klopfleisch Robert 1 Jan 2022, In: Veterinary Pathology. 59 , p. 26-38 13 p.

Superficial basal cell carcinoma, think deeper:Step sectioning of skin biopsy specimens yields 14% more aggressive subtypes

El Sharouni Mary-Ann, van Diest Paul J, Blokx Willeke A M Jan 2022, In: PLoS ONE. 17

Prognosis of pregnancy-associated breast cancer:inferior outcome in patients diagnosed during second and third gestational trimesters and lactation

Suelmann B. B.M., Bakhuis C. F.J., van Dooijeweert C., Verloop J., Zweemer R., Linn S., van der Wall E., van Diest P. J. 2022, In: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 192 , p. 175-189 15 p.

Value of routine cytokeratin immunohistochemistry in detecting low volume disease in cervical cancer

Baeten I. G.T., Hoogendam J. P., Jonges G. N., Jürgenliemk-Schulz I. M., Braat A. J.A.T., van Diest P. J., Gerestein C. G., Zweemer R. P. 2022, In: Gynecologic Oncology. 165 , p. 257-263 7 p.

Nipple Aspirate Fluid at a Glance

Patuleia Susana I S, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P M, van der Wall Elsken, van Diest Paul J, Moelans Cathy B 29 Dec 2021, In: Cancers. 14 , p. 1-21

Cyclic activity of signal transduction pathways in fimbrial epithelium of the human fallopian tube

van der Ploeg Phyllis, Uittenboogaard Aniek, Bucks Karlijn M. M., Lentjes-Beer Marjolein H. F. M., Bosch Steven L., van Rumste Minouche M. E., Vos M. Caroline, van Diest Paul J., Lambrechts Sandrina, van de Stolpe Anja, Bekkers Ruud L. M., Piek Jurgen M. J. 19 Dec 2021, In: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica. 101 , p. 256-264 9 p.

The tale of TILs in breast cancer:A report from The International Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Working Group

El Bairi Khalid, Haynes Harry R., Blackley Elizabeth, Fineberg Susan, Shear Jeffrey, Turner Sophia, de Freitas Juliana Ribeiro, Sur Daniel, Amendola Luis Claudio, Gharib Masoumeh, Kallala Amine, Arun Indu, Azmoudeh-Ardalan Farid, Fujimoto Luciana, Sua Luz F., Liu Shi Wei, Lien Huang Chun, Kirtani Pawan, Balancin Marcelo, El Attar Hicham, Guleria Prerna, Yang Wenxian, Shash Emad, Chen I. Chun, Bautista Veronica, Do Prado Moura Jose Fernando, Rapoport Bernardo L., Castaneda Carlos, Spengler Eunice, Acosta-Haab Gabriela, Frahm Isabel, Sanchez Joselyn, Castillo Miluska, Bouchmaa Najat, Md Zin Reena R., Shui Ruohong, Onyuma Timothy, Yang Wentao, Husain Zaheed, Willard-Gallo Karen, Coosemans An, Perez Edith A., Provenzano Elena, Ericsson Paula Gonzalez, Richardet Eduardo, Mehrotra Ravi, Sarancone Sandra, Ehinger Anna, Linn Sabine, Van Diest Paul J., Dec 2021, In: npj Breast Cancer. 7

Receptor status of breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy: A literature review

Bakhuis Carsten F. J., Suelmann Britt B. M., van Dooijeweert Carmen, Linn Sabine, van der Wall Elsken, van Diest Paul J. Dec 2021, In: Critical Reviews in Oncology Hematology. 168

Adjuvant Aromatase Inhibitors or Tamoxifen Following Chemotherapy for Perimenopausal Breast Cancer Patients

Dackus Gwen M H E, Jóźwiak Katarzyna, Sonke Gabe S, van der Wall Elsken, van Diest Paul J, Siesling Sabine, Hauptmann Michael, Linn Sabine C 2 Nov 2021, In: Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 113 , p. 1506-1514 9 p.

All research output

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