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dr. ing. T. van Bloks

Assistant Professor - medical
dr. ing. T. van Bloks
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Dr. Joris van Montfrans completed his medical study at the Rijks Universiteit Leiden and his PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He performed his pediatric training at the UMC Utrecht and at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a consultant in pediatric immunology since 2009. Dr. van Montfrans works as a clinical doctor and as a researcher in primary immunodeficiencies. The research areas he is involved in include clinical studies into long term complications of antibody deficiencies, and genetic causes of primary immune deficiencies. Together with a consortium of researchers from immunology- and genetic departments, NGS based testing for diagnosis of immune deficiencies was developed, studied and implemented. He is the principal investigator for a national study efficiacy of early screening for genetic causes (ZonMW funded) of immundeficiencies. He is also the principal investigator in a study into auto-immune complications in CVID. He is secretary of the National Working Party for Immnunodeficiencies and member of the eGLILD consortium steering committee. He is an active teacher, training medical students and organizing and lecturing in EUREKA summer schools.

Side Activities

-         Secretaris WID (werkgroep immuundeficienties)

-         Voorzitter SSPID (stichting samenwerkende centra primaire immuundeficienties)

Research Output (123)

Implementation of Early Next-Generation Sequencing for Inborn Errors of Immunity:A Prospective Observational Cohort Study of Diagnostic Yield and Clinical Implications in Dutch Genome Diagnostic Centers

Elsink Kim, Huibers Manon M.H., Hollink Iris H.I.M., Simons Annet, Zonneveld-Huijssoon Evelien, van der Veken Lars T., Leavis Helen L., Henriet Stefanie S.V., van Deuren Marcel, van de Veerdonk Frank L., Potjewijd Judith, Berghuis Dagmar, Dalm Virgil A.S.H., Vermont Clementien L., van de Ven Annick A.J.M., Lambeck Annechien J.A., Abbott Kristin M., van Hagen P. Martin, de Bree Godelieve J., Kuijpers Taco W., Frederix Geert W.J., van Gijn Mariëlle E., van Montfrans Joris M., 21 Dec 2021, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 12

A novel method to standardise serum IgA measurements shows an increased prevalence of IgA deficiency in young children with recurrent respiratory tract infections

Koenen Mischa, Bosma Marleen, Roorda Udo, Wopereis Fabienne, Roos Anja, van der Vries Erhard, Bogaert D, Sanders Elisabeth , Boes Marianne, Heidema Jojanneke, van Montfrans JM, Balemans Walter A F, van Holten Thijs C, Verhagen Lilly 29 Oct 2021, In: Clinical and Translational Immunology. 10 10 p.

Abnormal Results of Newborn Screening for SCID After Azathioprine Exposure In Utero:Benefit of TPMT Genotyping in Both Mother and Child

Blom Maartje, Pico-Knijnenburg Ingrid, van Montfrans Joris M., Bredius Robbert G.M., van der Burg Mirjam, Swen Jesse J., Berghuis Dagmar 7 Oct 2021, In: Journal of Clinical Immunology. 42 , p. 199-202

Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Cures Adenosine Deaminase 2 Deficiency:Report on 30 Patients

Hashem Hasan, Bucciol Giorgia, Ozen Seza, Unal Sule, Bozkaya Ikbal Ok, Akarsu Nurten, Taskinen Mervi, Koskenvuo Minna, Saarela Janna, Dimitrova Dimana, Hickstein Dennis D., Hsu Amy P., Holland Steven M., Krance Robert, Sasa Ghadir, Kumar Ashish R., Müller Ingo, de Sousa Monica Abreu, Delafontaine Selket, Moens Leen, Babor Florian, Barzaghi Federica, Cicalese Maria Pia, Bredius Robbert, van Montfrans Joris, Baretta Valentina, Cesaro Simone, Stepensky Polina, Benedicte Neven, Moshous Despina, Le Guenno Guillaume, Boutboul David, Dalal Jignesh, Brooks Joel P., Dokmeci Elif, Dara Jasmeen, Lucas Carrie L., Hambleton Sophie, Wilson Keith, Jolles Stephen, Koc Yener, Güngör Tayfun, Schnider Caroline, Candotti Fabio, Steinmann Sandra, Schulz Ansgar, Chambers Chip, Hershfield Michael, Ombrello Amanda, Kanakry Jennifer A. Oct 2021, In: Journal of Clinical Immunology. 41 , p. 1633-1647 15 p.

Internet and smartphone-based ecological momentary assessment and personalized advice (PROfeel) in adolescents with chronic conditions:A feasibility study

Nap-van der Vlist Merel M., Houtveen Jan, Dalmeijer Geertje W., Grootenhuis Martha A., van der Ent Cornelis K., van Grotel Martine, Swart Joost F., van Montfrans Joris M., van de Putte Elise M., Nijhof Sanne L. Sep 2021, In: Internet Interventions. 25 , p. 1-10

Treatment Strategies for GLILD in Common Variable Immunodeficiency:A Systematic Review

Lamers Olivia A.C., Smits Bas M., Leavis Helen Louisa, de Bree Godelieve J., Cunningham-Rundles Charlotte, Dalm Virgil A.S.H., Ho Hsi En, Hurst John R., IJspeert Hanna, Prevaes Sabine M.P.J., Robinson Alex, van Stigt Astrid C., Terheggen-Lagro Suzanne, van de Ven Annick A.J.M., Warnatz Klaus, van de Wijgert Janneke H.H.M., van Montfrans Joris 15 Apr 2021, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 12 , p. 1-20

A Minimal Parameter Set Facilitating Early Decision-making in the Diagnosis of Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis

Smits Bas M, van Montfrans Joris, Merrill Samuel A, van de Corput Lisette, van Gijn Mariëlle, de Vries Andrica, van den Bos Cor, Abbink Floor, van der Molen Renate G, Dors Natasja, Lindemans Caroline, Boelens Jaap J, Nierkens Stefan 29 Mar 2021, In: Journal of Clinical Immunology. 41 , p. 1219-1228 10 p.

New insights in phenotype and treatment of lung disease immuno-deficiency and chromosome breakage syndrome (LICS)

Willemse Brigitte W M, van der Crabben Saskia N, Kerstjens-Frederikse Wilhelmina S, Timens Wim, van Montfrans Joris M, Lindemans Caroline A, Boelens Jaap Jan, Hennus Marije P, van Haaften Gijs 19 Mar 2021, In: Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. 16

Severe Fatigue Is Common Among Pediatric Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency and Is Not Related to Disease Activity

Nijhof Linde N, van Brussel Marco, Pots Esther M, van Litsenburg Raphaële R L, van de Putte Elise M, van Montfrans Joris M, Nijhof Sanne L 2021, In: Journal of Clinical Immunology. 41 , p. 1198-1207 10 p.

Chronically Activated T-cells Retain Their Inflammatory Properties in Common Variable Immunodeficiency

Berbers Roos-Marijn, van der Wal M Marlot, van Montfrans Joris M, Ellerbroek Pauline M, Dalm Virgil A S H, van Hagen P Martin, Leavis Helen L, van Wijk Femke 2021, In: Journal of Clinical Immunology. 41 , p. 1621-1632 12 p.

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