drs. T. T_MSS46

drs. T. T_MSS46

Full Professor
drs. T. T_MSS46
  • Molecular Cancer Research

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer

Side Activities

  • Consultant Second College of Clinical Medicine of Guangzhou University of TCM, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
  • Commissie lid ZonMW, Den Haag
  • Scientific advisor Cleara Biotech BV, Utrecht
  • Wetenschappeijke raad CIE, Worldwide Cancer Research, Edinburgh, UK
  • Editorial board member Journal of Biological Chemistry, Rockville, USA
  • Lid European Research Council Starting Grant Beoordeling CIE LS4, Bruxelles, Belgium

Research Output (150)

Calpain-2 regulates hypoxia/HIF-induced plasticity toward amoeboid cancer cell migration and metastasis

te Boekhorst Veronika, Jiang Liying, Mählen Marius, Meerlo Maaike, Dunkel Gina, Durst Franziska C., Yang Yanjun, Levine Herbert, Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Friedl Peter 24 Jan 2022, In: Current Biology. 32 , p. 412-427.e8

Berkchaetoazaphilone B has antimicrobial activity and affects energy metabolism

Ouyang Xudong, Hoeksma Jelmer, van der Velden Gisela, Beenker Wouter A G, van Triest Maria H, Burgering Boudewijn M T, den Hertog Jeroen Dec 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 , p. 1-13 13 p.

P53 forms redox-dependent protein–protein interactions through cysteine 277

Shi Tao, Polderman Paulien E., Pagès-Gallego Marc, van Es Robert M., Vos Harmjan R., Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Dansen Tobias B. Oct 2021, In: Antioxidants. 10

DNA damage and oxidant stress activate p53 through differential upstream signaling pathways

Shi Tao, van Soest Daan M.K., Polderman Paulien E., Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Dansen Tobias B. 20 Aug 2021, In: Free Radical Biology and Medicine. 172 , p. 298-311 14 p.

Multiple regulatory intrinsically disordered motifs control FOXO4 transcription factor binding and function

Bourgeois Benjamin, Gui Tianshu, Hoogeboom Diana, Hocking Henry G., Richter Gesa, Spreitzer Emil, Viertler Martin, Richter Klaus, Madl Tobias, Burgering Boudewijn M.T. 27 Jul 2021, In: Cell Reports. 36

β-catenin regulates FOXP2 transcriptional activity via multiple binding sites

Richter Gesa, Gui Tianshu, Bourgeois Benjamin, Koyani Chintan N., Ulz Peter, Heitzer Ellen, von Lewinski Dirk, Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Malle Ernst, Madl Tobias May 2021, In: FEBS Journal. 288 , p. 3261-3284 24 p.

The human 2-cys peroxiredoxins form widespread, cysteine-dependent-and isoform-specific protein-protein interactions

van Dam Loes, Pagès-Gallego Marc, Polderman Paulien E., van Es Robert M., Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Vos Harmjan R., Dansen Tobias B. Apr 2021, In: Antioxidants. 10

Protocol to profile the bioenergetics of organoids using Seahorse

Ludikhuize Marlies C., Meerlo Maaike, Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Rodríguez Colman Maria J. 19 Mar 2021, In: STAR protocols. 2

Implication of miR-126 and miR-139-5p in Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Dysregulation in Systemic Sclerosis

Chouri Eleni, Wang Maojie, Hillen Maarten R, Angiolilli Chiara, Silva-Cardoso Sandra C, Wichers Catharina G K, van der Kroef Maarten, Bekker Cornelis P J, Cossu Marta, van Bon Lenny, Affandi Alsya J, Carvalheiro Tiago, Pandit Aridaman, van Roon Joel A G, Beretta Lorenzo, Burgering Boudewijn M T, Radstake Timothy R D J, Rossato Marzia 30 Jan 2021, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 10

A FOXO-dependent replication checkpoint restricts proliferation of damaged cells

Hornsveld Marten, Feringa Femke M., Krenning Lenno, van den Berg Jeroen, Smits Lydia M.M., Nguyen Nguyen B.T., Rodríguez-Colman Maria J., Dansen Tobias B., Medema René H., Burgering Boudewijn M.T. 26 Jan 2021, In: Cell Reports. 34

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