dr. ing. E.F.F. (Rick M.) Sprundel

dr. ing. E.F.F. (Rick M.) Sprundel

Full Professor
dr. ing. E.F.F. (Rick M.) Sprundel
  • Biomedical MR Imaging and Spectroscopy Group

Research Programs



Rick Dijkhuizen received his Ph.D. at Utrecht University in 1998 (thesis title: 'Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy in Experimental Cerebral Ischemia'). From 1999 until 2002 he worked at the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital/Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Harvard Medical School (Charlestown/Boston, MA, USA), first as Postdoctoral Fellow and later as Instructor. There his research focused on elucidating spontaneous and therapy-induced recovery after cerebrovascular injury (e.g. stroke) with different MRI techniques in patients and experimental models. In 2002 he became head of the Biomedical MR Imaging and Spectroscopy group, part of the Center for Image Sciences, at the University Medical Center Utrecht. He was a Visiting Associate Professor at the Department of Radiology at Stanford University School of Medicine from 2013 until 2014.

His current research interests include multiparametric imaging of brain structure and function in health and disease, with a particular focus on i) development of tools for improved diagnosis of brain pathophysiology, ii) characterization of neural network (re)organization, and iii) monitoring of neuroprotective and -restorative therapies. He has recently initiated a translational research project that aims to establish safe and effective modulation of neural networks to enhance functional recovery after stroke through non-invasive brain stimulation in stroke animal models and patients.

He has teamed up with different colleagues of the UMCU Brain Center for preclinical imaging studies on brain disorders, and he collaborates with various national and international institutions on topics such as brain plasticity and molecular imaging. Rick Dijkhuizen has been workpackage leader in two EU-FP7 research programs (EUSTROKE and TACTICS). He served/serves on the Board of Directors of the International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, and the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, Translational Stroke Research, and Stroke. He is Associate Editor of Frontiers in Neurology|Stroke and the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism.

Research line

Experimental and Translational Neuroimaging

Most recent key publications

1: Otte WM, van der Marel K, van Meer MP, van Rijen PC, Gosselaar PH, Braun KP, Dijkhuizen RM. Altered contralateral sensorimotor system organization after experimental hemispherectomy: a structural and functional connectivity study. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2015;35:1358-67.
2: Dijkhuizen RM, Zaharchuk G, Otte WM. Assessment and modulation of resting-state neural networks after stroke. Curr Opin Neurol. 2014;27:637-43.
3: Dijkhuizen RM. Imaging neuronal loss and recovery in compromised but viable brain tissue. Brain. 2013;136:1689-91.
4: van Meer MP, Otte WM, van der Marel K, Nijboer CH, Kavelaars A, van der Sprenkel JW, Viergever MA, Dijkhuizen RM. Extent of bilateral neuronal network reorganization and functional recovery in relation to stroke severity. J Neurosci. 2012;32:4495-507.
5: Schaechter JD, van Oers CA, Groisser BN, Salles SS, Vangel MG, Moore CI, Dijkhuizen RM. Increase in sensorimotor cortex response to somatosensory stimulation over subacute poststroke period correlates with motor recovery in hemiparetic patients. Neurorehabil Neural Repair. 2012;26:325-34.

Side Activities

Member of the Editorial Board of Translational Stroke Research

Member of the Editorial Board of Stroke

Associate Editor of Frontiers in Neurology|Stroke

Associate Editor of the Journal for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism

Chair of the Netherlands Experimental Stroke Alliance

Fellowship and Awards

VICI award, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (2013)

‘High Potential’ award, Utrecht University (2007)

VIDI award, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (2006)

Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) Fellowship (2002)

Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (New England Affiliate), American Heart Association (2000)

Talent Fellowship Award, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (1998)

Research Output (173)

Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Vascular Inflammation After Recanalization in a Rat Ischemic Stroke Model

Franx Bart A A, Van der Toorn Annette, Van Heijningen Caroline, Vivien Denis, Bonnard Thomas, Dijkhuizen Rick M Dec 2021, In: Stroke. 52 , p. e788-e791

Biomolecular changes and subsequent time-dependent recovery in hippocampal tissue after experimental mild traumatic brain injury

Ustaoglu Sebnem Garip, Ali Mohamed H.M., Rakib Fazle, Blezer Erwin L.A., Van Heijningen Caroline L., Dijkhuizen Rick M., Severcan Feride 14 Jun 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 13 p.

Translational Value of Skilled Reaching Assessment in Clinical and Preclinical Studies on Motor Recovery After Stroke

van Lieshout Eline C.C., Boonzaier Julia, Pel Adam J., van Heijningen Caroline L., Vink Jord J., Visser-Meily Johanna M.A., van Tilborg Geralda A.F., Dijkhuizen Rick M. May 2021, In: Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. 35 , p. 457-467 11 p.

New Mechanistic Insights, Novel Treatment Paradigms, and Clinical Progress in Cerebrovascular Diseases

Boltze Johannes, Aronowski Jaroslaw A., Badaut Jerome, Buckwalter Marion S., Caleo Mateo, Chopp Michael, Dave Kunjan R., Didwischus Nadine, Dijkhuizen Rick M., Doeppner Thorsten R., Dreier Jens P., Fouad Karim, Gelderblom Mathias, Gertz Karen, Golubczyk Dominika, Gregson Barbara A., Hamel Edith, Hanley Daniel F., Härtig Wolfgang, Hummel Friedhelm C., Ikhsan Maulana, Janowski Miroslaw, Jolkkonen Jukka, Karuppagounder Saravanan S., Keep Richard F., Koerte Inga K., Kokaia Zaal, Li Peiying, Liu Fudong, Lizasoain Ignacio, Ludewig Peter, Metz Gerlinde A.S., Montagne Axel, Obenaus Andre, Palumbo Alex, Pearl Monica, Perez-Pinzon Miguel, Planas Anna M., Plesnila Nikolaus, Raval Ami P., Rueger Maria A., Sansing Lauren H., Sohrabji Farida, Stagg Charlotte J., Stetler R. Anne, Stowe Ann M., Sun Dandan, Taguchi Akihiko, Tanter Mickael, Vay Sabine U., Vemuganti Raghu, Vivien Denis, Walczak Piotr, Wang Jian, Xiong Ye, Zille Marietta 28 Jan 2021, In: Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. 13 15 p.

Imaging Markers for the Characterization of Gray and White Matter Changes from Acute to Chronic Stages after Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury

Sinke Michel R T, Otte Willem M, Meerwaldt Anu E, Franx Bart A A, Ali Mohamed H M, Rakib Fazle, van der Toorn Annette, van Heijningen Caroline L, Smeele Christel, Ahmed Tariq, Blezer Erwin L A, Dijkhuizen Rick M 11 Jan 2021, In: Journal of Neurotrauma. 38 , p. 1642-1653 12 p.

Activation response and functional connectivity change in rat cortex after bilateral transcranial direct current stimulation—An exploratory study

Boonzaier Julia, Straathof Milou, Ardesch Dirk Jan, van der Toorn Annette, van Vliet Gerard, van Heijningen Caroline L., Otte Willem M., Dijkhuizen Rick M. 2021, In: Journal of Neuroscience Research. 99 , p. 1377-1389 13 p.

Deuterium Metabolic Imaging of the Healthy and Diseased Brain

Straathof Milou, Meerwaldt Anu E., De Feyter Henk M., de Graaf Robin A., Dijkhuizen Rick M. 2021, In: Neuroscience. 474 , p. 94-99 6 p.

Remote Corticospinal Tract Degeneration After Cortical Stroke in Rats May Not Preclude Spontaneous Sensorimotor Recovery

Sinke Michel R.T., van Tilborg Geralda A.F., Meerwaldt Anu E., van Heijningen Caroline L., van der Toorn Annette, Straathof Milou, Rakib Fazle, Ali Mohamed H.M., Al-Saad Khalid, Otte Willem M., Dijkhuizen Rick M. 2021, In: Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. 35 , p. 1010-1019 10 p.

Distinct structure-function relationships across cortical regions and connectivity scales in the rat brain

Straathof Milou, Sinke Michel R T, Roelofs Theresia J M, Blezer Erwin L A, Sarabdjitsingh R Angela, van der Toorn Annette, Schmitt Oliver, Otte Willem M, Dijkhuizen Rick M 1 Dec 2020, In: Scientific Reports. 10 14 p.

Trained Immunity-Promoting Nanobiologic Therapy Suppresses Tumor Growth and Potentiates Checkpoint Inhibition

Priem Bram, van Leent Mandy M.T., Teunissen Abraham J.P., Sofias Alexandros Marios, Mourits Vera P., Willemsen Lisa, Klein Emma D., Oosterwijk Roderick S., Meerwaldt Anu E., Munitz Jazz, Prévot Geoffrey, Vera Verschuur Anna, Nauta Sheqouia A., van Leeuwen Esther M., Fisher Elizabeth L., de Jong Karen A.M., Zhao Yiming, Toner Yohana C., Soultanidis Georgios, Calcagno Claudia, Bomans Paul H.H., Friedrich Heiner, Sommerdijk Nico, Reiner Thomas, Duivenvoorden Raphaël, Zupančič Eva, Di Martino Julie S., Kluza Ewelina, Rashidian Mohammad, Ploegh Hidde L., Dijkhuizen Rick M., Hak Sjoerd, Pérez-Medina Carlos, Bravo-Cordero Jose Javier, de Winther Menno P.J., Joosten Leo A.B., van Elsas Andrea, Fayad Zahi A., Rialdi Alexander, Torre Denis, Guccione Ernesto, Ochando Jordi, Netea Mihai G., Griffioen Arjan W., Mulder Willem J.M. 29 Oct 2020, In: Cell. 183 , p. 786-801.e19

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