prof. dr. V.W. (Joost) Overweg

prof. dr. V.W. (Joost) Overweg

Full Professor
prof. dr. V.W. (Joost) Overweg
  • Physician assistant children

Research Programs

Child Health



Joost Frenkel is a professor of pediatrics with a focus on family and patient centered education

He is a distinguished medical teacher with ample experience in development and provision of education to medical students residents and faculty.

He is an experienced pediatrician with a profound interest and expertise in autoinflammatory diseases.

These are disorders in which the innate inflammatory response runs out of control.

For these rare patients Frenkel leads an (inter)national clinical, genetic and research reference center.

Research has focused on the hyper IgD periodic fever syndrome due to mevalonate kinase deficiency.

International collaboration includes the Eurofever network and the international association for autoinflammatory diseases, as well as bilateral collaboration with the NIH.

Side Activities

  • Member scientific board Eurofever
  • Member scientific board International Society for Autoinflammatory Diseases
  • Member of advisory board to Novartis Pharma on autoinflammatory diseases
  • Member of the Dutch pediatric residency council (consilium paediatricum)
  • Member of ERN RITA
  • Member of the national steering committee for pediatric neurology subspecialization.

Potential Conflicts of Interest

Dr. Frenkel has regular interaction with pharmaceutical and other industrial partners. He has not received any personal fees or other personal benefits.

UMCU received minor funding (€1,000-10,000 per industrial partner) for consultation and invited lectures by Novartis and SOBI

Research Output (152)

Improving Handoff by Deliberate Cognitive Processing:Results from a Randomized Controlled Experimental Study

van Heesch Gwen, Frenkel Joost, Kollen Wouter, Zwaan Laura, Mamede Sílvia, Schmidt Henk, de Hoog Matthijs Apr 2021, In: The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. 47 , p. 234-241 8 p.

INSAID Variant Classification and Eurofever Criteria Guide Optimal Treatment Strategy in Patients with TRAPS:Data from the Eurofever Registry

Papa Riccardo, Lane Thirusha, Minden Kirsten, Touitou Isabelle, Cantarini Luca, Cattalini Marco, Obici Laura, Jansson Annette F, Belot Alexandre, Frenkel Joost, Anton Jordi, Wolska-Kusnierz Beata, Berendes Rainer, Remesal Agustin, Jelusic Marija, Hoppenreijs Esther, Espada Graciela, Nikishina Irina, Maggio Maria Cristina, Bovis Francesca, Masini Marta, Youngstein Taryn, Rezk Tamer, Papadopoulou Charalampia, Brogan Paul A, Hawkins Philip N, Woo Patricia, Ruperto Nicolino, Gattorno Marco, Lachmann Helen J, 9 Nov 2020, In: The journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice. 9 , p. 783-791.e4

How autoinflammation may turn into autoimmune inflammation:Insights from monogenetic and complex IL-1 mediated auto-inflammatory diseases

ter Haar N. M., Jansen M. H.A., Frenkel J. F., Vastert S. J. Oct 2020, In: Clinical Immunology. 219 8 p.

Blood-based test for diagnosis and functional subtyping of familial Mediterranean fever

Van Gorp Hanne, Huang Linyan, Saavedra Pedro, Vuylsteke Marnik, Asaoka Tomoko, Prencipe Giusi, Insalaco Antonella, Ogunjimi Benson, Jeyaratnam Jerold, Cataldo Ilaria, Jacques Peggy, Vermaelen Karim, Dullaers Melissa, Joos Rik, Sabato Vito, Stella Alessandro, Frenkel Joost, De Benedetti Fabrizio, Dehoorne Joke, Haerynck Filomeen, Calamita Giuseppe, Portincasa Piero, Lamkanfi Mohamed 1 Jul 2020, In: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 79 , p. 960-968 9 p.

Management of Mevalonate Kinase Deficiency:A Pediatric Perspective

Jeyaratnam Jerold, Frenkel Joost 5 Jun 2020, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 11 , p. 1-7

Clinical characteristics and genetic analyses of 187 patients with undefined autoinflammatory diseases

Ter Haar Nienke M, Eijkelboom Charlotte, Cantarini Luca, Papa Riccardo, Brogan Paul A, Kone-Paut Isabelle, Modesto Consuelo, Hofer Michael, Iagaru Nicolae, Fingerhutová Sárka, Insalaco Antonella, Licciardi Francesco, Uziel Yosef, Jelusic Marija, Nikishina Irina, Nielsen Susan, Papadopoulou-Alataki Efimia, Olivieri Alma Nunzia, Cimaz Rolando, Susic Gordana, Stanevica Valda, van Gijn Marielle, Vitale Antonio, Ruperto Nicolino, Frenkel Joost, Gattorno Marco, 1 Oct 2019, In: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 78 , p. 1405-1411 7 p.

Response to: 'Novel NLRP12 variant presenting with familial cold autoimmunity syndrome phenotype' by Gupta et al

Eijkelboom Charlotte, Ter Haar Nienke M, Frenkel Joost, Gattorno Marco 6 Sep 2019, In: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 80 , p. e118

Gene Mosaicism Screening Using Single-Molecule Molecular Inversion Probes in Routine Diagnostics for Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases

Kant Benjamin, Carbo Ellen C., Kokmeijer Iris, Oosterman Jelske J.M., Frenkel Joost, Swertz Morris A., Ploos van Amstel Johannes K., Aróstegui Juan I., Koudijs Marco J., van Gijn Mariëlle E. 20 Aug 2019, In: Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. 21 , p. 943-950 8 p.

Classification criteria for autoinflammatory recurrent fevers

Gattorno Marco, Hofer Michael, Federici Silvia, Vanoni Federica, Bovis Francesca, Aksentijevich Ivona, Anton Jordi, Arostegui Juan Ignacio, Barron Karyl, Ben-Cherit Eldad, Brogan Paul A., Cantarini Luca, Ceccherini Isabella, De Benedetti Fabrizio, Dedeoglu Fatma, Demirkaya Erkan, Frenkel Joost, Goldbach-Mansky Raphaela, Gul Ahmet, Hentgen Veronique, Hoffman Hal, Kallinich Tilmann, Kone-Paut Isabelle, Kuemmerle-Deschner Jasmin, Lachmann Helen J., Laxer Ronald M., Livneh Avi, Obici Laura, Ozen Seza, Rowczenio Dorota, Russo Ricardo, Shinar Yael, Simon Anna, Toplak Nataša, Touitou Isabelle, Uziel Yosef, Van Gijn Marielle, Foell Dirk, Garassino Claudia, Kastner Dan, Martini Alberto, Sormani Maria Pia, Ruperto Nicolino 24 Apr 2019, In: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 78 , p. 1025-1032 8 p.

An International Delphi Survey for the Definition of New Classification Criteria for Familial Mediterranean Fever, Mevalonate Kinase Deficiency, TNF Receptor-associated Periodic Fever Syndromes, and Cryopyrin-associated Periodic Syndrome

Federici Silvia, Vanoni Federica, Ben-Chetrit Eldad, Cantarini Luca, Frenkel Joost, Goldbach-Mansky Raphaela, Gul Ahmet, Hoffman Hal, Koné-Paut Isabelle, Kuemmerle-Deschner Jasmin, Lachmann Helen J, Martini Alberto, Obici Laura, Ozen Seza, Simon Anna, Hofer Michael, Ruperto Nicolino, Gattorno Marco, 1 Nov 2018, In: Journal of Rheumatology. 46 , p. 429-436 8 p.

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