M.P.M. (Marijke) Linschoten MSc

M.P.M. (Marijke) Linschoten MSc

PHD Candidate - Medical
M.P.M. (Marijke) Linschoten MSc

Research Programs

Circulatory Health



Marijke Linschoten is a PhD candidate at the Department of Cardiology at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht). She has a background in Biomedical Sciences and was thereafter trained to become a clinician and clinical researcher during the 4-year master program Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA).

Her research focuses on the impact of cancer treatment on the cardiovascular system within the field of cardio-oncology. This is a new emerging discipline that aims to find a balance between the optimal oncologic efficacy and reducing adverse cardiovascular effects of anticancer treatment.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic Marijke Linschoten has expanded her research to unravel the interaction between COVID-19 and the cardiovascular system. In the context hereof, she co-founded the CAPACITY-COVID ( and DEFENCE consortia. She has received funding by the Alexandre Suerman Stipend of the UMC Utrecht, the Dutch Heart Foundation and ZonMw.  

Fellowship and Awards

2018 Alexandre Suerman MD/PhD Stipend 

Research Output (19)

Sex- and age specific association of new-onset atrial fibrillation with in-hospital mortality in hospitalised COVID-19 patients

Offerhaus Joost A, Joosten Linda P T, van Smeden Maarten, Linschoten Marijke, Bleijendaal Hidde, Tieleman Robert, Wilde Arthur A M, Rutten Frans H, Geersing Geert-Jan, Ann Remme Carol, 4 Feb 2022, In: IJC Heart and Vasculature. 39 , p. 1-9

Risk, Clinical Course, and Outcome of Ischemic Stroke in Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19:A Multicenter Cohort Study

Sluis Wouter M, Linschoten Marijke, Buijs Julie E, Biesbroek J Matthijs, den Hertog Heleen M, Ribbers Tessa, Nieuwkamp Dennis J, van Houwelingen Reinier C, Dias Andreas, van Uden Ingeborg W M, Kerklaan Joost P, Bienfait H Paul, Vermeer Sarah E, de Jong Sonja W, Ali Mariam, Wermer Marieke J H, de Graaf Marieke T, Brouwers Paul J A M, Asselbergs Folkert W, Kappelle L Jaap, van der Worp H Bart, Algra Annemijn M, 4 Nov 2021, In: Stroke. 52 , p. 3978-3986 9 p.

Cardiac complications in patients hospitalised with COVID-19

Linschoten Marijke, Peters Sanne, van Smeden Maarten, Jewbali Lucia S, Schaap Jeroen, Siebelink Hans-Marc, Smits Peter C, Tieleman Robert G, van der Harst Pim, van Gilst Wiek H, Asselbergs Folkert W, Dec 2020, In: European Heart Journal. Acute Cardiovascular Care. 9 , p. 817-823 7 p.

Cardiovascular adverse events following treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma - Authors' reply

Linschoten Marijke, Kamphuis Janine Am, Asselbergs Folkert W Aug 2020, In: Lancet haematology. 7 , p. e557-e558

Clinical Features and Natural History of PRKAG2 Variant Cardiac Glycogenosis

Lopez-Sainz Angela, Dominguez Fernando, Lopes Luis Rocha, Ochoa Juan Pablo, Barriales-Villa Roberto, Climent Vicente, Linschoten Marijke, Tiron Coloma, Chiriatti Chiara, Marques Nuno, Rasmussen Torsten B, Espinosa María Ángeles, Beinart Roy, Quarta Giovanni, Cesar Sergi, Field Ella, Garcia-Pinilla Jose M, Bilinska Zofia, Muir Alison R, Roberts Angharad M, Santas Enrique, Zorio Esther, Peña-Peña Maria Luisa, Navarro Marina, Fernandez Adrian, Palomino-Doza Julian, Azevedo Olga, Lorenzini Massimiliano, García-Álvarez Maria I, Bento Dina, Jensen Morten K, Méndez Irene, Pezzoli Laura, Sarquella-Brugada Georgia, Campuzano Oscar, Gonzalez-Lopez Esther, Mogensen Jens, Kaski Juan Pablo, Arad Michael, Brugada Ramon, Asselbergs Folkert W, Monserrat Lorenzo, Olivotto Iacopo, Elliott Perry M, Garcia-Pavia Pablo, , Baas AF, Dooijes Dennis 14 Jul 2020, In: Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 76 , p. 186-197 12 p.

CAPACITY-COVID - a European Registry to determine the role of cardiovascular disease in the COVID-19 pandemic

Linschoten Marijke, Asselbergs Folkert W 14 May 2020, In: European heart journal. 41 , p. 1795-1796 2 p.

Cardiovascular adverse events in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma treated with first-line cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone (CHOP) or CHOP with rituximab (R-CHOP):a systematic review and meta-analysis

Linschoten Marijke, Kamphuis Janine A M, van Rhenen Anna, Bosman Laurens P, Cramer Maarten J, hospital Central, Teske Arco J, Institute Netherlands 2 Mar 2020, In: Lancet haematology. 7 , p. e295-e308 14 p.

ONCOR:design of the Dutch cardio-oncology registry

Kamphuis J. A.M., Linschoten M., Cramer M. J., Alsemgeest F., van Kessel D. J.W., Urgel K., Post M. C., Manintveld O. C., Hassing H. C., Liesting C., Wardeh A. J., Olde Bijvank E. G.M., Schaap J., Stevense-den Boer A. M., Doevendans P. A., Asselbergs F. W., Teske A. J. 2020, In: Netherlands Heart Journal. 29 , p. 288-294 7 p.

Early- and late anthracycline-induced cardiac dysfunction:echocardiographic characterization and response to heart failure therapy

Kamphuis Janine A M, Linschoten Marijke, Cramer Maarten J, Doevendans Pieter A, Asselbergs Folkert W, Teske Arco J 2020, In: Cardio-oncology (London, England). 6

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