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Research Output (92)

Osteoporosis care during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands:A national survey

Peeters Joséphine Jeanne Maria, van den Berg Peter, van den Bergh Joop P., Emmelot-Vonk Marielle H., de Klerk Gijs, Lems Willem F., Winter Elizabeth M., Zillikens M. Carola, Appelman-Dijkstra Natasha M. 7 Jan 2021, In: ARCHIVES OF OSTEOPOROSIS. 16 , p. 1-8

Medication review interventions to reduce hospital readmissions in older people

Dautzenberg Lauren, Bretagne Lisa, Koek Huiberdina L, Tsokani Sofia, Zevgiti Stella, Rodondi Nicolas, Scholten Rob J P M, Rutjes Anne W, Di Nisio Marcello, Raijmann Renee C M A, Emmelot-Vonk Marielle, Jennings Emma L M, Dalleur Olivia, Mavridis Dimitris, Knol Wilma 2021, In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 69 , p. 1646-1658 13 p.

Treatment patterns and primary reasons for adjusted treatment in older and younger patients with stage II or III colorectal cancer

Scheepers E. R.M., Schiphorst A. H., van Huis-Tanja L. H., Emmelot-Vonk M. H., Hamaker M. E. 2021, In: European Journal of Surgical Oncology. 47 , p. 1675-1682 8 p.

Study objectives in clinical trials in older patients with solid malignancies:do we measure what matters?

Scheepers E. R.M., van Huis-Tanja L. H., Emmelot-Vonk M. H., Hamaker M. E. 2021, In: Quality of Life Research. 30 , p. 1833-1839 7 p.

Interventions for preventing falls and fall-related fractures in community-dwelling older adults:A systematic review and network meta-analysis

Dautzenberg Lauren, Beglinger Shanthi, Tsokani Sofia, Zevgiti Stella, Raijmann Renee C.M.A., Rodondi Nicolas, Scholten Rob J.P.M., Rutjes Anne W.S., Di Nisio Marcello, Emmelot-Vonk Marielle, Tricco Andrea C., Straus Sharon E., Thomas Sonia, Bretagne Lisa, Knol Wilma, Mavridis Dimitris, Koek Huiberdina L. 2021, In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 69 , p. 2973-2984 12 p.

Design of a consensus-based geriatric assessment tailored for older chronic kidney disease patients:results of a pragmatic approach

Voorend Carlijn, Joosten Hanneke, Berkhout-Byrne Noeleen C., Diepenbroek Adry, Franssen Casper, Bos Willem Jan, van Buren Marjolijn, Mooijaart Simon P., van Alphen Arjan, Berkhout-Byrne Noeleen, van Breda Fenna, van Buren Marjolijn, Boom Henk, Bos Willem Jan, Emmelot-Vonk Marielle, Franssen Casper, Gaillard Carlo A.J.M., Groeneweg Nel, Hoekstra Bettie, Hommes Nienke, Hoornaar Francoise, Lagró Joep, Litjens Elisabeth, Molenaar Femke, Neradova Aegida, Peters Mike, Veldman Wilma, Voorend Carlijn, Westerbos Lidwien, Westerman - van der Wijden Carlijne, Wierdsma Judith, Hemmelder M., Homan van der Heide J. J., Prantl K., Rabelink A. J., de Rooij S., Stehouwer C., 2021, In: European Geriatric Medicine. 12 , p. 931-942 12 p.

STOPPFall (Screening Tool of Older Persons Prescriptions in older adults with high fall risk):a Delphi study by the EuGMS Task and Finish Group on Fall-Risk-Increasing Drugs

Seppala Lotta J., Petrovic Mirko, Ryg Jesper, Bahat Gulistan, Topinkova Eva, Szczerbińska Katarzyna, van der Cammen Tischa J.M., Hartikainen Sirpa, Ilhan Birkan, Landi Francesco, Morrissey Yvonne, Mair Alpana, Gutiérrez-Valencia Marta, Emmelot-Vonk Marielle H., Mora María Ángeles Caballero, Denkinger Michael, Crome Peter, Jackson Stephen H.D., Correa-Pérez Andrea, Knol Wilma, Soulis George, Gudmundsson Adalsteinn, Ziere Gijsbertus, Wehling Martin, O'Mahony Denis, Cherubini Antonio, van der Velde Nathalie 22 Dec 2020, In: Age and ageing. 50 , p. 1189-1199 11 p.

Clinical judgment versus geriatric assessment for frailty in older patients with cancer

van Walree Inez C, Scheepers Ellen R M, van den Bos Frederiek, van Huis-Tanja Lieke H, Emmelot-Vonk Marielle H, Hamaker Marije E Sep 2020, In: Journal of geriatric oncology. 11 , p. 1138-1144 7 p.

Do age and comorbidity impair recovery during two years after treatment for endometrial cancer?

van Walree Inez C, Hamaker Marije E, de Rooij Belle H, Boll Dorry, van Huis-Tanja Lieke H, Emmelot-Vonk Marielle H, Ezendam Nicole P M Sep 2020, In: Journal of geriatric oncology. 11 , p. 1078-1086 9 p.

Zorg op maat voor ouderen

van den Bos F, Arends A J, Emmelot-Vonk M H 7 May 2020, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. 164

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