ing. B. (Peter R) Brom

ing. B. (Peter R) Brom

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ing. B. (Peter R) Brom
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Peter R. Luijten received his training in physical and theoretical chemistry from 1972-1979 (Amsterdam). After finalizing his thesis on NMR studies of molecular dynamics in liquid crystals (1984, Amsterdam, San Diego), he became a research scientist at Philips Medical Systems in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging division. He developed multiple new technologies resulting in several patent applications and peer reviewed scientific journals. In 2005 he was appointed Professor of Functional Medical Imaging at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, chair of the imaging department in 2014 and director of the UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences in 2015. From 2017 to 2021 chair of the division of Imaging and Oncology in the UMCU. From 2021: vice dean Utrecht Life Sciences, Utrecht University.  In 2007 he was appointed Chief Scientific Officer of the Center for Translational Molecular Medicine, a position he held jointly with his academic appointment at the University of Utrecht.

He served on the board of trustees of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and was appointed a fellow of this society in 1995. He received the European Magnetic Resonance Award for Basic Sciences in 2002.

Side Activities

Board member Lygature (chair)

Board member Julius Clinical B.V. (chair)

Scientific advisory board DTL (chair)

Scientic advisory board SURF (member)

Pemanent Committe Large scale research infrastructure NWO (member)

Quarega - owner (advisory activitites, 2 days/week) (a.i. chair radiology)

Fellowship and Awards

The European Magnetic Resonance Award for Basic Sciences (2002)

Fellow: International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. (1995)

Research Output (327)

Automatic quantification of perivascular spaces in T2-weighted images at 7 T MRI

Verbeek-Spijkerman Jolanda, Zwanenburg J. J.M., Bouvy W. H., Geerlings M. I., Biessels G. J., Hendrikse J., Luijten P. R., Kuijf H. J. 13 Apr 2022, In: Cerebral Circulation - Cognition and Behavior. 3 , p. 1-9

SAR and temperature distributions in a database of realistic human models for 7 T cardiac imaging

Steensma Bart R., Meliado Ettore F., Luijten Peter, Klomp Dennis W. J., van den Berg Cornelis A. T., Raaijmakers Alexander J. E. Jul 2021, In: NMR in Biomedicine. 34 , p. 1-14

Explaining RF induced current patterns on implantable medical devices during MRI using the transfer matrix

Tokaya J P, van den Berg C A T, Luijten P R, Raaijmakers A J E 28 Nov 2020, In: Medical Physics. 48 , p. 132-141 10 p.

Introduction of the snake antenna array:Geometry optimization of a sinusoidal dipole antenna for 10.5T body imaging with lower peak SAR

Steensma Bart, van de Moortele Pierre-Francois, Ertürk Arcan, Grant Andrea, Adriany Gregor, Luijten Peter, Klomp Dennis, van den Berg Nico, Metzger Gregory, Raaijmakers Alexander Nov 2020, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 84 , p. 2885-2896 12 p.

The YOUth cohort study:MRI protocol and test-retest reliability in adults

Buimer Elizabeth E.L., Pas Pascal, Brouwer Rachel M., Froeling Martijn, Hoogduin Hans, Leemans Alexander, Luijten Peter, van Nierop Bastiaan J., Raemaekers Mathijs, Schnack Hugo G., Teeuw Jalmar, Vink Matthijs, Visser Fredy, Hulshoff Pol Hilleke E., Mandl René C.W. Oct 2020, In: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. 45 , p. 1-15

Correcting time-intensity curves in dynamic contrast-enhanced breast MRI for inhomogeneous excitation fields at 7T

van Rijssel Michael J., Pluim Josien P.W., Chan Hui Shan M., van den Wildenberg Lieke, Schmitz Alexander M.Th, Luijten Peter R., Gilhuijs Kenneth G.A., Klomp Dennis W.J. 1 Aug 2020, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 84 , p. 1000-1010 11 p.

Metabolite cycled liver 1 H MRS on a 7 T parallel transmit system

Xavier Aline, Arteaga de Castro Catalina, Andia Marcelo E, Luijten Peter R, Klomp Dennis W, Fillmer Ariane, Prompers Jeanine J Aug 2020, In: NMR in Biomedicine. 33 14 p.

Introduction of Ultra-High-Field MR Imaging in Infants:Preparations and Feasibility

Annink K V, van der Aa N E, Dudink J, Alderliesten T, Groenendaal F, Lequin M, Jansen F E, Rhebergen K S, Luijten P, Hendrikse J, Hoogduin H J M, Huijing E R, Versteeg E, Visser F, Raaijmakers A J E, Wiegers E C, Klomp D W J, Wijnen J P, Benders M J N L 30 Jul 2020, In: American Journal of Neuroradiology. 41 , p. 1532-1537 6 p.

Conditional safety margins for less conservative peak local SAR assessment:A probabilistic approach

Meliadò Ettore Flavio, Sbrizzi Alessandro, van den Berg Cornelis A T, Steensma Bart R, Luijten Peter R, Raaijmakers Alexander J E 3 Jun 2020, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 84 , p. 3379-3395 17 p.

Accelerating implant RF safety assessment using a low-rank inverse update method

Stijnman Peter R.S., Tokaya Janot P., van Gemert Jeroen, Luijten Peter R., Pluim Josien P.W., Brink Wyger M., Remis Rob F., van den Berg Cornelis A.T., Raaijmakers Alexander J.E. 1 May 2020, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 83 , p. 1796-1809 14 p.

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