prof. dr. F.J.M. (Frank J.M.) Broekmans

prof. dr. F.J.M. (Frank J.M.) Broekmans

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prof. dr. F.J.M. (Frank J.M.) Broekmans
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Frank Broekmans (1956), MD, PhD, is a gynaecologist and Professor in Reproductive Endocrinology and Surgery at the University Medical Center Utrecht, since October 2010. He is head of the Department of Reproductive Medicine and chairman of the committee for Science management of division Female and Baby. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the VU Medical Center Amsterdam in 1983, became consultant OBGYN in 1990, completed a Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine at the VU Medical Center Amsterdam in 1993, and received his PhD degree in 1995.


His scientific career has been devoted to the field of female reproductive ageing. Special focus has been on the normal ovarian ageing pattern, assessment of actual and future fertility status, genetic backgrounds of the variation in the ovarian ageing process, and recently the link between vascular and ovarian ageing. At present, he is supervising 6 PhD students. Within his field of interest he obtained several grants from the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (ZonMW) and the Dutch College for Health Care Insurance


He has held an Associate Editorship for Human Reproduction between 2005 and 2009, he is the former chairman of the Dutch Flemish Society for Studies on Fertility, he participates in several Advisory boards, is reviewer for Gynaecological Obstetrical Investigation, Fertility Sterility, Human Reproduction, and Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, he was a member of the Institutional Review Board UMC Utrecht between 2012 and 2014, he was chairman of the department Board on Ethical issues in Reproductive Medicine between 2012 and 2015, he was the coordinator of the Board of the Special Interest Group Reproductive Endocrinology of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology between 2015-2017, he waschairman of the pillar Reproductive Medicine of the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology between 2015-2018 and has published over 258 peer-reviewed scientific papers, contributed 31 book chapters and presented over 137 invited lectures at international meetings.





Side Activities

1993-1995     Member Committee Lecture Meetings Vrije Universiteit Medical Center Amsterdam/Medical Center Amsterdam

1998-2001     Member Committee on Professional Interest Dutch Society for Obstetrics & Gynecology

1998-2008     Secretary Resident ObGyn Education Cluster Utrecht

2000-2003     Member Committee Lecture Meetings University Medical Center Utrecht

2000-2003     Acting Member Stafconvent University Medical Center Utrecht

2001-2003     Editor Magazine "Fertiliteit in de Praktijk" Serono Benelux

2004-today    Reviewer Gynecological Obstetrical Investigation

2004-today    Reviewer Fertility Sterility

2005-2006     Board Member Dutch Flemish Society for Studies on Fertility

2005-2009     Associate Editor Human Reproduction

2006-2014     Chairman Dutch Flemish Society for Studies on Fertility

2009-today    Reviewer Human Reproduction

2009-today    Co-Chairman Reproductive Medicine Research Consortium of the Dutch Society for Reproductive Medicine

2009-2014     Editor Compact Gynaecologie

2010-2015     Member Special Interest Group Reproductive Endocrinology ESHRE

2011-today    Member advisory board Gedeon Richter

2011-today    Member advisory board Merck Serono

2012-2014     Chairman implementation taskforce JCI, central protocol filing

2012-today    Chairman Factor VIII Leiden group on Dutch IVF Budget adjustments

2012-2014     Member institutional reviewboard University Medical Center Utrecht KamerM

2012-2014     Chairman Committee for Science Management Division Female and Baby

2012-2015     Chairman Ethical Review Board Department Reproductive Medicine, Division Female and Baby

2015-2017     Coordinator Special Interest Group Reproductive Endocrinology ESHRE

2015-2018    Chairman pillar Reproductive Medicine, Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology

2017-today    Member advisory board Ferring



Fellowship and Awards

Ongoing Research Support

Grants from Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research ZonMw

UMCU 2015 – 2018 Does endometrial scratching in women with implantation failure after a first IVF/ICSI cycle lead to lower costs due to a reduction in the number of subsequent IVF/ICSI cycles needed to achieve a live birth? – the SCRaTCH 1 study 440.000 euro

UMCU 2018 – 2021 Does endometrial scratching increase the rate of spontaneous conception in couples with unexplained infertility and a good prognosis (Hunault >30%)? – the SCRaTCH-OFO study 349.732 euro

UMCU 2018 – 2020 The Development, ValIdatioN and implEmentation of a simple, online FSH dose calculator for IVF treatment” (the DiVINE study) 97.000 euro

Grants from Merck B.V.

UMCU 2018 – 20.. Merck funding for ENORM biobanking and endometrial organoid development 40.000 euro

UMCU 2018 – 20.. Merck funding for Endometrial Biopsy Studies within the SCRaTCH study  (SCRaTCH-2)250.000 euro

UMCU 2018 – 20.. Merck research grant for “Vascular and Ovarian ageing in the AMH Knock Out mouse 21.000 euro

UMCU 2018-2019 Merck research grant for PhD student Jori Leijdekkers 20.000 euro


Completed Research Support

Grants from UMC Reproductive Research fund

UMCU 1995 – 2005 project “Female Reproductive Ageing” 1.200.000 euro

UMCU  2004 – 2010 project “Embryonal development, implantation and early pregnancy” 210.000 euro

UMCU / VUB 2007 – 2010 project “Comparative, controlled trial of treatment of minor uterine cavity abnormalities diagnosed by office hysteroscopy screening in   women indicated for IVF” 60.000 euro

UMCU 2007 - 2010 IMPORT: Individual Patient data for Ovarian                                                    Reserve Testing analysis 120.000 euro

UMCU 2005 - 2011 project “Long term health in WHO II patients” 360.000 euro

UMCU 2009 - 2012 CETRO TRIAL: Identifying the optimal GnRH                                                   antagonist treatment protocol 450.000 euro

UMCU 2008 - 2013 project “Genetic markers of menopausal age ”260.000 euro

Grant from Dutch College for Health Care Insurance

UMCU/AMC 2009 - 2010:    project “Cost Effectiveness of IVF treatment in relation to female age and ovarian reserve tests" 109.000 euro

Grants from Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research

UMCU/EMC 2002 – 2005:    Alternative approaches in IVF. 450.000 euro

UMCU 2011 - 2015:            Optimisation of cost effectiveness through Individualised FSH Stimulation dosages for IVF Treatment  - The OPTIMIST trial. 480.000 euro

UMCU 2011 - 2015:            SIGnificance of routine Hysteroscopy prior to a first IVF Treatment cycle The INSIGHT trial. 493.000 euro

Research Output (362)

Endometrial injury for pregnancy following sexual intercourse or intrauterine insemination

Bui Bich Ngoc, Lensen Sarah F, Gibreel Ahmed, Martins Wellington P, Torrance Helen, Broekmans Frank J 18 mrt 2021, In: The Cochrane database of systematic reviews. 2021 , p. CD011424

Anti-Müllerian Hormone Levels and Risk of Cancer in Women

Verdiesen Renée M G, van Gils Carla H, Stellato Rebecca K, Verschuren W M Monique, Broekmans Frank J M, de Kat Annelien C, van der Schouw Yvonne T, Onland-Moret N Charlotte jan 2021, In: Maturitas. 143 , p. 216-222 7 p.

Reply:Questionable recommendation for LPS for IVF/ICSI in ESHRE guideline 2019: ovarian stimulation for IVF/ICSI

Broekmans Frank, Humaidan Peter, Lainas George, Töyli Mira, Le Clef Nathalie, Vermeulen Nathalie 2021, In: Human Reproduction Open. 2021 , p. hoab006

Birthweight and other perinatal outcomes of singletons conceived after assisted reproduction compared to natural conceived singletons in couples with unexplained subfertility:follow-up of two randomized clinical trials

Wessel J A, Mol F, Danhof N A, Bensdorp A J, Tjon-Kon Fat R I, Broekmans F J M, Hoek A, Mol B W J, Mochtar M H, van Wely M, 10 dec 2020, In: Human Reproduction. 36 , p. 817-825 9 p.

Endometrial scratching in women with one failed IVF/ICSI cycle-outcomes of a randomised controlled trial (SCRaTCH)

van Hoogenhuijze N E, Mol F, Laven J S E, Groenewoud E R, Traas M A F, Janssen C A H, Teklenburg G, de Bruin J P, van Oppenraaij R H F, Maas J W M, Moll E, Fleischer K, van Hooff M H A, de Koning C H, Cantineau A E P, Lambalk C B, Verberg M, van Heusden A M, Manger A P, van Rumste M M E, van der Voet L F, Pieterse Q D, Visser J, Brinkhuis E A, den Hartog J E, Glas M W, Klijn N F, van der Meer S, Bandell M L, Boxmeer J C, van Disseldorp J, Smeenk J, van Wely M, Eijkemans M J C, Torrance H L, Broekmans F J M 8 dec 2020, In: Human Reproduction. 36 , p. 87-98 12 p.

First effective mHealth nutrition and lifestyle coaching program for subfertile couples undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment:a single-blinded multicenter randomized controlled trial

Oostingh Elsje C, Koster Maria P H, van Dijk Matthijs R, Willemsen Sten P, Broekmans Frank J M, Hoek Annemieke, Goddijn Marriëte, Klijn Nicole F, van Santbrink Evert J P, Steegers Eric A P, Laven Joop S E, Steegers-Theunissen Régine P M 30 jul 2020, In: Fertility and Sterility. 114 , p. 945-954 10 p.

Organoids can be established reliably from cryopreserved biopsy catheter-derived endometrial tissue of infertile women

Bui Bich Ngoc, Boretto Matteo, Kobayashi Hiroto, van Hoesel Marliek, Steba Gaby S., van Hoogenhuijze Nienke, Broekmans Frank J.M., Vankelecom Hugo, Torrance Helen L. 1 jan 2020, In: Reproductive Biomedicine Online. 41 , p. 465-473 9 p.

ESHRE guideline:ovarian stimulation for IVF/ICSI†

Ovarian Stimulation The Eshre Guideline Group On, Bosch Ernesto, Broer Simone, Griesinger Georg, Grynberg Michael, Humaidan Peter, Kolibianakis Estratios, Kunicki Michal, La Marca Antonio, Lainas George, Le Clef Nathalie, Massin Nathalie, Mastenbroek Sebastiaan, Polyzos Nikolaos, Sunkara Sesh Kamal, Timeva Tanya, Töyli Mira, Urbancsek Janos, Vermeulen Nathalie, Broekmans Frank 2020, In: Human Reproduction Open. 2020 13 p.

Serum anti-Mullerian hormone levels in women are unstable in the postpartum period but return to normal within 5 months: a longitudinal study:a longitudinal study

Pankhurst Michael W, de Kat Annelien C, Jones Shirley, Broekmans Frank J M, Wheeler Benjamin J 2020, In: Endocrine. 71 , p. 225-232 8 p.

Normal Ovarian ageing

Broekmans Frank J.M. 2020,

All research output

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