drs. A.B. (Casper) Abdullah

drs. A.B. (Casper) Abdullah

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drs. A.B. (Casper) Abdullah
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Casper Beijst is a medical physicist and scientist at the department of radiotherapy of the UMC Utrecht. His research focuses on the development of MRI/PET for pathophysiological guidance of radiotherapy. 

He is the project leader of the MRI/PET research group and was recently awarded with an NWO OTP grant and a KWF PPS grant for 4 PhD students, a postdoc and a research enigneer. Several MSc students are trained in the group.

He has an official accreditation as a medical physicist both in the field of radiotherapy and radiology/nuclear medicine. The crossover in expertise allows him to bridge the gap between radiology and radiotherapy with the aim of improving imaging for radiotherapy.

Research Output (19)

Evaluation of the radiofrequency performance of a wide-bore 1.5 T positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance imaging body coil for radiotherapy planning

Branderhorst Woutjan, Steensma Bart R., Beijst Casper, Huijing Erik R., Alborahal Cezar, Versteeg Edwin, Weissler Bjoern, Schug David, Gebhardt Pierre, Gross-Weege Nicolas, Mueller Florian, Krueger Karl, Dey Thomas, Radermacher Harald, Lips Oliver, Lagendijk Jan, Schulz Volkmar, de Jong Hugo W.A.M., Klomp Dennis W.J. Apr 2021, In: Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology. 17 , p. 13-19 7 p.

A compact and mobile hybrid C-arm scanner for simultaneous nuclear and fluoroscopic image guidance

Dietze Martijn M.A., Kunnen Britt, Brontsema Frank, Ramaekers Pascal, Beijst Casper, Afifah Maryam, Braat Arthur J.A.T., Lam Marnix G.E.H., de Jong Hugo W.A.M. 2021, In: European Radiology. 32 , p. 517-523 7 p.

Adaptive scan duration in SPECT:Evaluation for radioembolization

Dietze Martijn M A, Kunnen Britt, Beijst Casper, de Jong Hugo W A M May 2020, In: Medical Physics. 47 , p. 2128-2138 11 p.

The superior predictive value of 166Ho-scout compared with 99mTc-macroaggregated albumin prior to 166Ho-microspheres radioembolization in patients with liver metastases

Smits Maarten L J, Dassen Mathijs G, Prince Jip F, Braat Arthur J A T, Beijst Casper, Bruijnen Rutger C G, de Jong Hugo W A M, Lam Marnix G E H 1 Apr 2020, In: European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. 47 , p. 798-806 9 p.

Comparison of the Biograph Vision and Biograph mCT for quantitative Y-90 PET/CT imaging for radioembolisation

Kunnen Britt, Beijst Casper, Lam Marnix G E H, Viergever Max A, de Jong Hugo W A M 4 Mar 2020, In: EJNMMI physics. 7

A Dual-layer Detector for Simultaneous Fluoroscopic and Nuclear Imaging

van der Velden Sandra, Kunnen Britt, Koppert Wilco J C, Steenbergen Johannes H L, Dietze Martijn M A, Beijst Casper, Viergever Max A, Lam Marnix G E H, de Jong Hugo W A M Mar 2019, In: Radiology. 290 , p. 833-838 6 p.

Two-dimensional ultrasound measurements vs. magnetic resonance imaging-derived ventricular volume of preterm infants with germinal matrix intraventricular haemorrhage

Beijst Casper, Dudink Jeroen, Wientjes Rens, Benavente-Fernandez Isabel, Groenendaal Floris, Brouwer Margaretha J., Išgum Ivana, de Jong Hugo W.A.M., de Vries Linda S. 2019, In: Pediatric Radiology. 50 , p. 234-241 8 p.

A phantom study:should (124) I-mIBG PET/CT replace (123) I-mIBG SPECT/CT?

Beijst Casper, de Keizer Bart, Lam Marnix G E H, Janssens Geert O, Tytgat Godelieve A M, de Jong Hugo W A M May 2017, In: Medical Physics. 44 , p. 1624–1631 8 p.

Simultaneous fluoroscopic and nuclear imaging:impact of collimator choice on nuclear image quality

van der Velden Sandra, Beijst Casper, Viergever Max A, de Jong Hugo W A M Jan 2017, In: Medical Physics. 44 , p. 249-261

Technical advances in image guidance of radionuclide therapy

Beijst Casper, Kunnen B, Lam Marnix, de Jong Hugo 2017, In: Journal of nuclear medicine technology. 45 , p. 272-279 8 p.

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